SFCIII HardPoint Placer



A utility for arranging the hardpoints (in the GF file) that appear on a ship's picture in the Vessel Library, refit screen, and in-battle targeting interface. Note: This utility does not add hardpoints to the specs; you will have to do this manually.

A ship's .mod file is required in order to edit the ship. If there is no GF file present, one is automatically generated.



SFCIII HardPoint Placer by Greenvalv ([email protected])  
Version 1.0.0 (4 July 2008)

Compiler used: Dr Java, http://www.drjava.org/

Requirements: Java Runtime v1.5 (Java SE 5) or above: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp
Known bugs: none

Bugs Fixed During Beta Testing: 
            file name inconsistencies (i.e. "sovereign" and "Sovereign" are treated as two different names) are now overcomed
            GF file output now readable by D'deridex's HP Placer
            Utility now remembers last selected path
            Window can now be minimized without the HP positions going screwy
            You can now select a _brk MOD file instead of the normal MOD file, and the program will continue to function properly
            Window can now be resized but resizing has been disabled
            More errors and issues with odd file formattings resolved
            Error reading blank GF Files fixed
            Cursor no longer snaps to top left of HP upon drag, it will stay where you initially grab the HP

Thanks to F9th Centurus, PigUp, and any others that helped test this utility.

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