Sovereign Refit



This well improve the Arcs of the Sovereign more cannon to the movies.

I suggest you get this.

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Sovereign Refit

Made By: Captain J Archer
Mod Time: 20 mins
Help: None apart from Engineering402

I made this mod because i hated the side arcs on the sovereign class. I have also made the arcs for the torps better by making most of them forward arcs and the same 1 aft, but also made the one which is supost to be from the turret on the under side of the saucer 360 arc which is what it was ment to be. This mod is not all cannon but partialy.
Also i have made it so u can have the best of everything on the ship.

1) make a backup copy of your DefaultCore.txt (Game's folder   Assets\Specs folder)
2) unzip and place my versio in the folder (say yes to overrite)
3) play 

i would recamends using the type 12F phasers and all quantum torps and best shields and all that stuff trust me its good.

I can not be held responsible for your game going mad, if it does just replace my DefaultCore.txt with your backup copy of yours.

This is not made by Activision or ne 1 just by me so i cant be held accountable use at your own risk.

Thanks captain J Archer

(and have a very Merry Christmas)

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