TNG Mega Mod



This is the MAY 2003 update of the TNG Mega Mod.

We have Terrain in this update! Selectable as a ship.. set it up as a ship. They don't come with weapons, but can be re-fitted with weapons. They have hardpoints available, and are in the Federation slot. There are several new models in this update. You will notice. Go exploring, lol.

New ships, updated scripts. I'm not sure how much longer the server will be around.. as I know the host will be moving soon.

Thanks to the Pelican for some of the scripts, and models as well. My real life has not allowed for many ships conversions to SFC3 recently, so he allowed the use of some ships from his mod. Way cool.

As of this writing, there are some single player missions being worked by my buddy Centauri Vaughn for this mod. I will release them as add-ons when they are ready!


report any bugs in the comments area here please... :)



Same as the other parts.. :D

The exe will detect where SFC3 is on your hard drive and be activated through batch files.

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