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WELCOME TO THE TNG MEGA MOD FOR SFC3. SINGLE FILE DOWNLOAD -- all SIX parts contained here. - Put together by Chris Jones and based on the...


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WELCOME TO THE TNG MEGA MOD FOR SFC3. SINGLE FILE DOWNLOAD -- all SIX parts contained here. - Put together by Chris Jones and based on the Capt. Ravenous/Chris Jones re-balancing mod released in Nov. 2002.

This mod is compatible with the 531 patch IF you get the 531 update here:

This File will detect where SFC3 is on your PC.

You will end up with several files on your desktop.

TNG Mega Mod.bat activates this mod. SFC3Orig returns you to the original game.

Here's a treat:

The new Galaxy Class is a Knox1711 conversion/kitbash. He did several registries. One for the Enterprise D, the original USS Galaxy, the USS Odyssey that was destroyed when a Jem Hadar Fighter rammed it, and the Venture class Dominion War re-fit Galaxy. I have included batch files (on your desktop) that will switch to which Galaxy hull you wish to play! cool or what?... HAVE A BLAST!

Some new textures will be installed. Orange smoke instead of purple is one.. new atmosphere look for planets.

Orig.bat puts the game back to its original state before you intalled this. (if, of course, you backed up the models mentioned above) If you did not back up the models above, you can still play online on GSA and with your unmodded friends, and you will see new versions of the Galaxy, Nebula, Sovereign, Intrepid, and Akira while your friends will see the original game models. The Galaxy Batch files let you select which Galaxy hull you wish to play. Enterprise D, USS Galaxy, USS Odyssey, USS Venture.

There's a Dominion Wars.bat sitting in the game directoty for variety as you can select to play just that. Dominion Wars was the 1st part of this mega-mod released early January 2003.

There is some new audio here. Look in a directory called Dominion Wars audio in your game directory, and the sounds and voices to your game per these instructions:

To install the new audio... use Winzip with no compression. Open Winzip and Windows Explorer at the same time. Browse to your game directory and look for the 'Dominion Wars Audio' folder. Open up the folder inside there called SFCVoice. In Winzip open the file Drag all the sounds in the SFCVoice Folder into the zip file, making sure compression is set to none ('store' if using Winrar). Add the files.

Do the same for the SFCSounds. Open up in Winzip.

This procedure will greatly enhance your Dominion Wars/TNG Experience, and is required to have the audio work correctly.

The Federation gets some new audio to make things seem more authentic, as well as the Dominion.

Due to the way this mod had to be done, The Romulans are with the Klingons and will lose thier own exclusive audio. You will hear some Romulan audio with the Dominion. There are new taunts! Gul Dukat, Legate Damar, Weyoun, Jem Hadar (Victory is Life!), and the Founder.

Audio credits:

Resources: Star Trek DS9: Dominion Wars

Star Trek Deep Space 9 TV Series

Star Trek Armada 2 and Dominion Wars TC

-> Compiled by $iLk, registered member of Forum

[email protected]

Two weapons sounds, Photon Torp, and Quantum Torp, taken from Bridge Commander audio, from

All new audio files in WAV Format.

Upgrades/additions from the Dominion Wars in Jan. 2003 include:

Armoured Voyager AND Rhode Island Voyager Series Finale 1999 USS Equinox from a Voyager episode Enterprise C Ambassador Constellation Scimitar (same model as the official Nemesis add on) Galaxy-XTNG Series Finale 1994 New Norway Destroyer Model High Detail USS Voyager Miranda

The original game files included here are from the 1.01 Beta 2 patched version of SFC 3

The following folders in assetsmodels will have changes to them.

If you do not back them up you can still play the normal game, some models will be different.

Akira BorgFrigate BorgCube BorgDiamond BorgSphere Defiant feklhr Galaxy Intrepid klingon_neghvar K'Vort Marauder Nebula PirateFrigate PirateLtCruiser Race_Y_attack Race_Y_light romulan_battle_cruiser romulan_heavy_cruiser romulan_light_cruiser romulan_warbird RomulanDestroyer RomulanFrigate Saber Sovereign vorhca

Of the above, There will be completely new models of:

Akira BorgFrigate feklhr Galaxy Intrepid Nebula RomulanDestroyer RomulanFrigate Sovereign

The rest are gf file adjustments for the UI.

The following written by my friend Captain Ravenous late 2002..

WELCOME TO THE TNG MEGA MOD FOR SFC: III - Put together by Chris Jones and based on the Capt. Ravenous/Chris Jones re-balancing mod released in Nov. 2002. Rebalance mod readme below...


This mod was created solely for the purpose of bringing the look and feel of TNG Trek battles to your Starfleet Command game. Out of the box, SFC3 looks and feels like the old SFC games, but with TNG ships. This rebalancing mod brings you ships updated with actual starship data as a guide. All ships will come fully loaded already, its up to you to try different configurations. Will you sacrifice manueverability & speed for more weapons and better power? Or vice-versa? Will you take a weaker tractor for a better computer? The refit potential for ships remains endless, as before. This is how the game would have been out of the box had I been balancing the ships. This is what a TNG game should feel like. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I do.

Credit: Capt. Ravenous - main project type-guy leader, I guess (on the original re-balance Mod in Nov.2002 - the basis for this TNG Mega Mod) Chris Jones - the guy that filled the gaps (there were a lot) Modellers - whose models made this mod more interesting, their read-me's are in their model folders. Taldren - for their great game engine and lousy ship balancing, both of which were necessary for the creation of the original re-balancing mod!

Backup the following folders in assetsmodels of your game directory before install if you wish to keep original models of the ships involved.

Akira BorgFrigate Excelsior Galaxy Intrepid Nebula RomulanDestroyer RomulanFrigate Sovereign

Eagle Eye made up a strings file that tells you the damage rating of each weapon in the refit screens of any ship. That is included here, in the both the mod and original files, and it has been adjusted for 1.02.

I very much debated leaving the Feds, Klingons, and Roms unto themselves and just put the Dominion, Cardassians, Breen in the Borg slot; but did not like the idea of those 3 races having regenerative armour. I went with the following:

Playable Race breakdown:

Federation Alliance consists of:

Federation Ferengi

Klingon and Romulan Empires are combined

The Dominion Axis consists of:

Dominion Cardassians Breen

Borg are here because they come with the game. I did not use the Borg slot for the Dominion Axis as it would be unfair for them to have regenerating hulls.

Although it never happened in any show, It might be interesting to see a Dominion Battleship take on a Borg Cube.

New Models in this mod:

USS Defiant Akira Excelsior Galaxy Intrepid (Not USS Voyager) Nebula Sovereign Steamrunner Ambassador Miranda Breen Battleship JemHadar (Fighter) DomBB (Dominion Battleship) DomHC (Dominion Heavy Cruiser - Conjectural) DomHCP (Dominion Heavy Cruiser w/ sensor pod - Conjectural) JemHadarLC (Light Cruiser Fighter - Conjectural) ((above 3 models kitbashed by Ancient Angel - readmes in the model folders)) Galor Class Cardassian Keldon Class Cardassian Hutet Class Cardassian Cardassian Starbase Cfreighter (Cardassian Freighter) DS9 (Terok Nor-Deep Space Nine) So'Na Battleship BorgAssimilator BorgTacticalCube

any questions e-mail

Chris Jones

[email protected]


Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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