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Team TNG Battles by Centauri Vaughn [email protected]


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Team TNG Battles by Centauri Vaughn [email protected] GFL-The Breakfast Club 4/7/2003

TEAM TNG for SFC3 Its 4 missions wrapped up in 1 script. You select the type of mission you want to play through a custom dialog program on your desktop.

Mulitplayer or Single

The Four Missions:

1. Random Encounters

2. Farragut Run 1-6 allied players choose Federation forces to defend the Farragut or Klingon forces to attack. The Farragut was destroyed by Klingon Forces in 2373 near the Lembatta cluster while trying to evacuate Federation colonists on Ajilon Prime during the Klingon offensive. Taken from Star Trek: DS9: Nor the Battle to the Strong

3. Into the Shadows 1-6 allied players choose to play attacking Klingon Forces or defending Romulan forces. Year 2367. The newly appointed Klingon Chancellor 'Gowron' has ordered an all out assault on the Romulan forces that conspired with Duras to take over the Klingon High Council.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Redemption Parts 1 and 2.

4. Endgame 1-6 allied Federation Players Scans are picking up strange neutron emissions near Sector 001. The signature of these emissions appears to be coming from the Delta Quadrant. In anticipation of another Borg attack Starfleet is ordering nearby ships to converge on the coordinates.

Star Trek: Voyager: Endgame, Series Finale

Have Fun!!

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Download '' (277KB)


1. Extract the "" you will notice an installer 
   and another zip file named "".
   Click on the installer and make sure you BROWSE it to your
   Starfleet Command 3 "assets/scripts" folder.
   Once installed you can acess the dialog box mission selection
   ("TeamTNGBattles.exe") from your start menu. 

NOTE: In order for the mission to work you will need to use the 
"CustomLoadOut.txt" file that is included in this package.

2. If present, back up your "CustomLoadOut.txt" file located
   in your SFC3 "assets / specs" by placing it inside a custom
   folder that you create.

3. Extract the "" file that comes with this 
   download in to your SFC3 "assets / specs" location. You will
   see a folder named "Team TNG Custom Load Outs".

4. Copy and paste the CustomLoadOut.txt file to "assets / specs".

NOTE: To go back to your own personal CustomLoadOut just simply
      copy and paste from your back up folder.

      Most of the ships in the mission are called by their string
      value ("USS Defiant") for example.
      The following are the string values (names) of all the ships
      from the Team TNG missions  if you just want to match the
      names from the TeamTNG Custom Load Out to your own custom load out.  

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