TOS: Final Frontier

To install this mod follow these simple steps:

1)fresh cd install of SFC3 2)patch 534_b [url="


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To install this mod follow these simple steps:

1)fresh cd install of SFC3 2)patch 534_b HERE 3)TOS: Final Frontier (this file) 4)Any patch v1.2 HERE

The TOS Final Frontier is set the Kirks time. As there is no borg here the team replaced them with the alliance (Tholian and Gorn).

Ships that will be included in mod are as follows:

Federation: Scout , Saladin FF Burke , Akula, Shiva DD Detroyat CL Chicago , Dauntless NCA Constitution, Constellation CA Firestorm BCH Federation DN Ptolemy: Freighter New fed asteroid base New fed battlestation

KLINGON Bird of Prey, K-4 FF K-5, E-5 DD D-5 CL K-11, D-7, C-7 CA C-8 Gunship BCH Warstrike DN Kfal Depotship: Freighter New K series asteroid/base station

ROMULAN Osprey FF Centarii, Albatross DD Gallant, Treachery CL Avocet, Devilhawk, Eagle CA Avion, Tri-wing BCH Broadwing, Wraith DN Cargoship freighter New Romulan Starbase/Battlestation

TGA: Tholian Gorn Alliance TA Peridot FF GCS Viper DD TA Tormaline DD GCS Horned Lizard CL TA Amethyst CL GCS SS3 CL TA Spinel CA TA Sardonyx CA TA Indigo CA GCS Iguana BCH TA Matrix BCH GCS Firedragon DN TA Ruby DN Tholian Freighter Tholian Base Tholian defense platform

AI ship adds: First Federation Belerophon SA Interceptor Pirate Slaver Excaliban Cruiser Sheliak Battlecruiser Andromedan Incinerator Andromedan Intimidator TriskellianThrall Hunter Unknown Lifeform Planet Killer

Loads of screen shots below of models and some of battles

Thanks to Cozbo and his team for this briliant mod.

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Download 'tosfinalfrontier1.0.exe' (147.62MB)

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