U.s.s Constellation

U.s.s Constellation by DamoclesX. for sfc3


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File Description

U.s.s Constellation by DamoclesX. for sfc3

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Download 'constellationdx.zip' (3.19MB)

Model Information
	Mesh : DamoclesX	
	Textures : DamoclesX

	Poly Count : 4500
	Texture Size : 256x256
	Creation Time : Mesh 2 Hours
			Textures 6 Hours

Mod Information
	Version : BridgeCommander / StarFleet Command 3
	Conversion : DarkDrone

Contact Information : DamoclesX@hotmail.com

	All changes to the mesh or textures are forbidden unless
permission is obtained from DamoclesX.

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