U.S.S. Nakota

nakota class by Mind-Blip


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File Description
U.S.S. Nakota NCC - 68130 - Dreadnought

by Gabriel Crown "Mind-Blip"


Faces:  2752
LOD: Yes
Illuminated Textures: Yes
Breakup Model: Yes
Hardpoints: Yes (Fed Battleship)

This is a custom ship for use with Startrek: Starfleet Command 2 and / or Orion Pirates.
It is designed to serve as a TNG Dreadnought.  A shipedit import file is included to get you started.  If you use it, make sure to change the path to the model to where you put the ship.

Let me know what you think of the ship, or if you encounter
any problems with the files.
More ships are available from my website.

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