U.S.S. Reliant B

This replaces the old Mark 6 Custom Refit very good textures and model.

Shortly after the last of the Constitutions were refitted to the...


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This replaces the old Mark 6 Custom Refit very good textures and model.

Shortly after the last of the Constitutions were refitted to the Mark 6 specifications, the U.S.S. Evermore, NCC-79843, was transferred to the 7th fleet and placed under the command of 7thOmega-1. Having had a life-long admiration of the famed Constitution-Class, 7thOmega-1 was more than shocked and pleased when his first command was a Constitution-Class ship. Although he had commented that this newly refitted ship was a sight to behold, he felt that something was now missing in her appearance. Having submitted requests through certain channels, 7thOmega-1 was able to send the Evermore back into spacedock for a minor refit, replacing the standard Mark 6 nacelles with replicas of the nacelles used on the old Mark 2 refit. 7thOmega-1 was able to obtain permission to rename the ship as he saw fit, and ordered the ship be renamed to the U.S.S. Reliant, NCC-1864-B.

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Download 'reliant_b.zip' (3.73MB)

Mark 6 Constitution Custom Refit

Ship Name: U.S.S. Reliant B - Mark 6 Constitution Class Early 25th Century Refit
Ship Class: Battlecruiser

Race: Federation

Date Completed: 5/18/2005

Each ship's registry textures are stored in different sub-folders.  To use, simply copy and paste the files of the desired ship into the main folder.

Original models and textures done by Wicked Zombie45 of Demon Renegade Studios.

http://www.universeatwar.org/drs/   Contact: wickedzombie45@aol.com

Mark 6 Constitution Refit concept by F9thDawg and F9thDaihak. 

Kitbash of custom refit model, ship story, model rehardpointing, ship registries, and specs done by F9thDaihak.  Contact: Golden_Centurion@hotmail.com

Deflector textures done by Fallen_Warrior, saucer lightmaps bashed by Manitoba1073, and minor retexture work done by F9thDaihak.

Assembly of textures done by F9thDawg and F9thDaihak.  Contact: capt_n_dawg@yahoo.com (Capt. Dawg)

Honorable notation to ModelsPlease for his help and guidance on the original Mark 6 ships.  

All contributions made by all members of Outalance are greatly appreciated.

Kitbash done and released with permission from Wicked Zombie45.

Please refer to original ReadMe file for additional information.  All rules concerning the use and distribution of this ship are subject to the original author's guidelines.


This Constitution kitbash was intended for use in a patched, unmodded version of SFC3, and has only been tested with the 534b patch.

I personally have no problems with this ship being converted to other versions of SFC, or even other games, but you must seek the approval of Wicked Zombie45 before such attempts are made.

If this ship is to be converted, this readme is to be included in its unaltered state, along with the readme for the original model/s, also in their unaltered state.

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