Ultimate Conquest - 9 Race Mod



This mod adds 5 new races to the map in conquest mode. New races are:

*Cardassian *Ferengi *Species 8472 *Rakellian *Pirate

This mod is very much a work in progress. Therefore, instead of taking the time to find different ships for every class for every race, each race uses only one model for all ship classes. For example, the Ferengi use the Marauder model for every class, the Pirates use the PirateLtCruiser for every class, Rakellians use Race_Y_Light, Species8472 uses 8472frigate, and Cardassians use Galor. To add more ships to each race, simply replace the model names in the "DefaultCore" and "DefaultLoadOut" files with the names of the models you would like to use or that race/class. Starbases, Freighters, and Shuttles are included for Cardassian, Ferengi, and Species 8472.

Cardassian and Rakellian ships use the same weapons as the Federation. Ferengi and Pirate ships use the same weapons a the Klingons, but do not have cloak. Species 8472 ships use romulan weapons, but do not have cloak. Species8472 ships also have Borg regenerating hulls instead of shields.

Without modification, the game automaticly assumes that race relations are as follows:

*Federation vs Romulan, Borg, Species8472, Cardassian, Rakellian, Pirate *Klingon vs Romulan, Borg, Species8472, Cardassian, Rakellian, Pirate *Romulan vs Federation, Klingon, Borg, Cardassian, Rakellian, Pirate *Borg vs all races *Species8472 vs all races *Cardassian vs Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, Species 8472, Rakellian, Pirate *Ferengi vs Borg, Species8472, Rakellian, Pirate *Rakellian vs Borg, Species8472, Pirate *Pirate vs Borg, Species8472, Rakellian

To change race relations, adjust the numbers in the "MetaMap" file, found in the SFC3MetaAssetsServerProfilesSinglePlayer folder.




1)Install SFC3 from cd.

2) install sfc3 beta patch v534_b.

3) Copy the "Assets" and "MetaAssets" folders from the "Ultimate Conquest"
 folder and paste them into your main SFC3 directory.


Galor, Cardcargo, Cardbase, Species8472 frigate, Species8472cargo, and Species 8472base taken from Unimatrix01's "Project Armada" mod.

Species8472shuttle taken from Starfleet Command Orion Pirates.

FerengiFreighter, FerengiShuttle, FerengiStarbase, PirateFreighter, and Pirate Shuttle taken from Starfleet Command 3.

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