Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

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Star Trek: Starfleet Command III New Star Trek game!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STGN : BREAKING NEWS ALERT - Star Trek Gaming Newsletter =/\= >>>>>>>>Jan, 10th, 2006 - 01/10/06 Publisher: Star Trek Gaming Universe - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III File Lag

I posted all the files in the email inbox I found, sorry for the lag on the file posting! If you send them we'll post them... we (I) will not post the phaser arc chart, it's on the CD people, so don't send it in! When submiting a file add a picture of the file (.jpg), please NO .BMP!!!


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Screenshots and Adding Ship Tutorial

You may have noticed in our most recent files that some of the screenshotswasn't working and that there is no install instructions. Well all the files has screenshots now. And if you need some good install instructions our staff member Decconi has made a tutorial for this you can get the tutorial by following the link below. Adding Ships Tutorial T...


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III SFC3 goes Gold!!!

StarFleet Command 3 is now shipping to a store near you. Hurry before the lines build up!!!


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III SFC3 Is Now Available!! Pre-Order Information

Good News! Today at NannerSlug Announced that SFC3 Is now available. Visit the website to Pre-order it. They Ship on 11/05/2002