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Star Trek: Starfleet Command III "No confirmation" E-Mailing problems...

Those of you that have been sending files but getting no confirmation email, I think I found the problem... some of you have been sending files via uploading them somewhere and including a link in your message... the link apparently triggers the spam detector and your email therefore receives no con...


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III James Doohan 1920-2005

James Montgomery Doohan, Scotty, died this morning (July 20) at 5:30 a.m. I'm hearing the Bagpipes from Star Trek II......


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Happy Bday

it is lewrs B-day grab a beer an kick back!


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III SpaceShipOne is a success!

ok it is big news for the world, SpaceShipOne is a success, space is now in the private sector not just the goverments hands. But it is still a long way off till we can just go and jump into a aircraft an got to the moon and grab a 6 pack.


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III If you want to order stuff on CD please read this!!!!!!

HI, Currently the CD ordering service is NOT working due to technical difficulties, Filesnetwork and Filefront hope to have this service back onlinr soon Please DO NOT keep emailing me about it there is nothing i can do!!!!!!!!!! :P Sorry For the inconvienance


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Christmas

Hey Everybody Just a quick note to wish everyone who visits the site Happy Christmas and Happy New Year Regards Team (Elmo, CJones, ArcherJ12, General Sparky, Lewr and Pellican)


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III needs help

the guys at are making a new open source star trek game, and they need guys with all kinds of skill, head over and tell them what you can do.


Star Trek: Starfleet Command III eDimensional (from the 3D Glasses) opens UK Office to service the entire EU

You might have seen their ads around the site, and you will see a review here soon. eDimensional, creator of the E-D glasses (kick ass 3D!!!) has opened up a distribution center in the UK. This will drop shipping costs for Europeans from 30 euros to 5 euros, now that's a huge difference! Here's t...