Atlantis Season Five starts with 'Search and Rescue' (spoiler warning)

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Published by Danny 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
It looks like Season Five for Stargate Atlantis has been confirmed and not only that there is a basic outline of what may happen in the First Episode "Search and Rescue". This episode will take place just after the season finale of Season 4 where John Sheppard will come back to atlantis but instead of finding it in an ocean he finds a deserted city surrounded by sand dunes and desert (at least i didn't spell it dessert :D). All we know about the episode so far is that there will be a search and rescue, however we don't know who is being rescued and who is searching. Find out more information when the Season 4 finale airs in March 2008. [quote]Beware of MINOR SPOILERS for "The Last Man," the fourth season finale of Stargate Atlantis, in the report below. The fifth season of Stargate Atlantis will premiere with an episode titled "Search and Rescue," executive producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed at his blog. The episode will pick up where the fourth season leaves off. The final episode of the current season, "The Last Man," will end on a cliffhanger -- a decision made by the writers long before they knew that the show would be renewed.[/quote] For More information Pleae Click Here - (Source: Gateworld)
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