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Published by Ronnie 17 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Those lucky enough attending E3 got the chance to play some Stargate The Alliance. An employee at IGN is sharing his experiences with the rest of the world. He's giving some new information like it takes 20 round with the P90 to take down a single Jaffa which is quite alot. The staff weapon didn't seem to do much damage either. But then again the game is still getting changed each day so it's more than likely going to be changed. Here's a little preview on what they have to offer [quote] Our mission in the E3 build was to rescue SG-2 from some ruined Goa'uld temple. The Egyptian motif was in full effect and the cavernous quality of this old area added a great deal of mystique to the experience. I walked through a few dusty corridors lined by the occasionally enormous golden statue and it felt pretty sweet. Though we eventually stumbled into our first firefight and things kind of dropped off from there. [quote] Check out the full article [url="http://pc.ign.com/articles/617/617677p1.html?fromint=1"]here[/url]
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