New Information on Multiplayer in Stargate SG-1: The Alliance

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Published by guyver3212 13 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
I've come across some new information on the official Stargate The Alliance boards about how multiplayer is going to work in Stargate SG-1: The Alliance. This information was provided thanks to Ivan Ertlov from the official forums. Read below for the details.
1)Which are your reasons to create a cooperative multiplayer-mode for Stargate SG-1: The Alliance? First of all the Stargate franchise itself offers a coop- mode. When you look at the TV series the characters are always together in their team/squad and experience different worlds together. Each character has its own special ability for helping the team out of ticklish situations. This concept is perfectly suitable for a story-coop-mode, especially due to the non-existence of story-coop in other similar games, which offers a lot of possibilities for us in creating this game mode by our own without being affected. 2)Could you please sum up the major features of the coop-mode? All 3 SKUs support online play. PC and PS2 are through Qazal, X-Box through X-Box live. Multiplayer modes include: Co-Op Story Mode: This allows the player and three friends to play through the story mode together as any of the SG-1 characters. Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Jaffa: The first player to gain a kill becomes the sole Jaffa on the map, gaining increased health, health regeneration and a Staff Weapon dealing increased damage. On death of the current Jaffa, Jaffa status passes to his killer. Score increases only for humans killing the Jaffa, and the Jaffa killing humans. Humans gain no score for killing other humans. Enslave: The first player to die becomes a Goa’uld (gaining the Ribbon Device). Each player that they kill becomes a Goa’uld too. Human players get two points for killing a Goa’uld, and Goa’uld get five points for converting a human. The last human in the game gains ten points. The Goa’uld can differentiate between Goa’uld and Humans, while Humans cannot. Friendly Fire is enabled. As an option, the last human surviving will win if they avoid death for two minutes. Last Man Standing. Foothold: Traditional foothold mode, but with enemies coming through the Stargate in waves. CTF: As well as standard CTF, we have Stargate CTF Stargate CTF: Each map will be divided into two sections, each containing a small base and a stargate. Travelling from one section to the other is through the Stargate only. The Stargate is one-way only. Each gate can be activated using the dial home device, and will close five seconds after someone pass it. While it’s activated from one map half, it can’t be accessed from the other. System Lord: Each side controls a base protected by a Shield Generator, and surrounded by defences including the shield, turrets and barriers. The objective of the mode is to lower the enemy base’s shields and destroy their base using the mothership floating over the level. Racial abilities will be in effect, influencing base defences and pickups as well as character abilities. Levels are designed to make good use of vehicles. 3)From your point of view, what’s important for a good coop-game? Most important is the perfect balance between the different characters. While one character is expert in weapon and shooting, the other one is responsible for decoding runes etc. . So, people really have to look at each other and guarantee that no one dies in battle. All the special abilities really have to complement each other by the players or otherwise the team is going to be “down” quicker than expected. This means that coordinated tactics is essential to survive ambushes and attacks by the Goa’uld villains. The handling and game controls are also very important. Game controls should be easy and intuitive but have to allow all possible commands and complex formations of the team. 4)How does a cooperative-mode differ from other types of multiplayer-gaming in terms of atmosphere and depth of gameplay? Talking about Stargate SG-1: The Alliance we included all the ‘must-haves’; shooting from several vehicles and driving them, canons, a wide range of weapons and all the multi-players modes you want! But to go farther than all the other FPS you have a unique squad command system, very intuitive and simple, but enriched by specific abilities from each of your team mates. As far as coop is concerned it provides a far deeper atmosphere due to the strong story related part and not only shooting around wildly.
I must say this new information is quite interesting and reveals some new things about exactly how multiplayer in game is going to work. Be sure to check out the Official Forums to keep up with the latest discussions on the game.
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