Sky One hints at 'Be All My Sins ...' (Season 4 E 11 - Spoiler Warning)

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Published by Danny 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Sky One, the UK Broadcaster owned by BSkyB has dropped some hints at what may happen in the next episode of Stargate Atlantis (Season 4 Episode 11 - Be All My Sins...). What has been said is that there will be a space battle involving the Wraith, the replicators and the Atlantis team, although what it doesn't say is who this battle will be between. Although both the Daedalus and the Apollo will be present in the episode. This episode will air on Sci Fi in the US on 4th January 2008 while in the UK it will air at 8pm Tuesday 8th January 2008. [quote]With the first half of Season Four's mid-season two-parter about to air, details are skill sketchy as to what is to come in the second half, "Be All My Sins Remember'd." Now some new hints about the episode are available, thanks to U.K. broadcaster Sky One.[/quote] For more information Please Visit - [url=]Gateworld[/url]
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