Stargate-Game Interviews Ben Lenzo and Viljar Sommerbakk of Perception

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Published by guyver3212 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Recently Nathan the admin of Stargate-Game got the chance to visit Perception Studios and have a sit down with Ben Lenzo and Viljar Sommerbakk to discuss the game Stargate SG-1: The Alliance which is currently in development. What started out as a small interview turned into a four part interview that also includes a review of the game since Nathan was also given the chance to play the game while at Perception. Here's a snippit of the interview: [quote]SGG: How extensive is the SGC in terms of game play? So … BL: One room, that’s it. [Laughter from VS] SGG: That’s it is it? Okay then, it’s got this big ring in it… BL: Yeah that’s the one VS: What’s it called again Star something? [Laughter] SGG: No, I think what they want to know is, a lot of people want to know about free roam and all that sort of stuff, can you run around the SGC BL: You, uhh, there are a number of different rooms in the SGC. You can run throughout the SGC. The SGC is fairly extensive and forms the basis for a number of missions.[/quote] To see the entire four part interview and the game review click [url=""]here[/url]. Be sure to continue to visit [url=""]Stargate-Game[/url] as well for more updates on the game.
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