SG - 1 Music Video - What Have You Done Today



Here is a music video that contains many scenes of SG - 1 with the music of "What Have You Done Today".

Please note that this video includes scenes from the end of Season 9 and beginning of Season 10 Stargate SG - 1. There are spoilers in this video, and if you don't want to be spoiled then don't download this. Also to view this in windows media player or anything other than Divx player simply rename the file from .divx to .avi and it will work.



What Have You Done Today Readme
Clips property of MGM
what Have You Done Today? by M-People
Video made by Tanner51
Clips gathered by me

This is my first fan music vid. Hope you like it. It sorta turns to the Ori point of view at the end, for the pround bit.
Sorry for the file size!

This file is intended for viewing purposes only, if you wish to use any part of this file please contact me
chris.tanner51 at googlemail dot com

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