Stargate - A New Enemy - Iris Closing Trailer



Here is a small video of a fan created game called Stargate: The New Enemy, this game is a first person shooter (fps), althought this video doesn't include any weapons firing. What is show in the stargate activating from offworld, the Iris closing (from using a button in the control room) as well as views of the gateroom and control room. It does look fairly good for a work in progress however. Highly recommended download.



Stargate : The New Enemy - SGC Iris Video

They're some new things about the SGC. Modifications about the briefing room and the iris were done (but some new textures are not fully working). So you'll be able to see these modifications in a new video that you can download it on your desktop. It show an unknown activation, followed by the closing of the iris and finally by a little visit of the briefing room. (There's a little lag on the "kawoosh" (when the gate is activated), so don't be afraid, it will be fixed!).

Stargate : The New Enemy is a video game developped by Mach Creation.
For more informations, visit http://sgtne.mach-creation.com

-- This video game has no links with Metro Goldwin Mayer and it is not an official video game of "Stargate SG-1" or "Stargate Atlantis" shows. --

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