Stargate Dialing Simulator



This MSI installer includes some things that were not included with the other.

Original review:

There are so many things that need to be said so I'm not sure where to begin. Let me first start with the fact that you need flash in order to run this since it is created entirely in flash. If you don't currently have flash and are unsure as where to get it, download it here.

As soon as you have loaded the program you will be taken to a gate status screen. This shows all the current activity. By clicking on the little keyboard on the bottom you can make a larger keyboard appear and this contains all the stargate symbols needed to dial an outgoing wormhole. Obviously you are not expected to remember long and difficult gate addresses so there's an address book with a lot of addresses.

By clicking one of those addresses and then dial the gate you can establish an outgoing wormhole. You can choose what you would like to do next. You have the ability to send a SG team to explore or you can send a MALP first to check out if it's safe. Or send a UAV to get an aerial survey of the planet.

After you've send the MALP you can check out the planet by using the cameras on it. If you choose to send the UAV you can either look at the data it is transmitting back or you can get right to business and launch a few missile to destroy the enemy stronghold.

Now it wouldn't be fun if there were no incoming wormholes. Sometimes an allie or even an enemy dials earth and you need to make a decision which can save the planet or it may lead the total annihilation. Therefore you can open and close the iris at your discretion. You may also activate the autodestruction.

The only nitpick is that the authorization code for disarming the autodestruct is a bit long. The countdown is 10 seconds and it takes quite long to enter the code.

Check the readme for a list of all the shortcuts.


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