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Please note that this file contains spoilers for at least three Stargate SG - 1 episodes, including Season 9 Episode 15 (Ethon), Season 9 Ep...


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Please note that this file contains spoilers for at least three Stargate SG - 1 episodes, including Season 9 Episode 15 (Ethon), Season 9 Epsiode 6 (Beachhead) and possibly Season 9 Episode 20 (Camelot). If you do not want to be spoiled for any of these episodes it is recommended that you don't download this file.

A small request please don't post spoilers under the comments as there are some people who have not seen the above mentioned episodes as yet.

Here is a trailer for Dave's and Dkealt's Stargate ships for Star Trek Bridge Commander, included are redesigns of several ships with more detailed textures, improved models, updated hardpoints and the usage of MVAM for the launching of fighters (although not shown in the trailer). The trailer shows both types of Earth ship (or Tau'ri), the X 303 and BC 304 (or X 304), showing improved models. The Goa'uld vessels include the needle threader, Ha'tak, Al'kesh and a Starbase.

The Asgard vessels included are the O'Neill and Daniel Jackson including improvements in the model, textures and hp rebalanced. The Alteran / Ancient vessel included is the Puddle Jumper (including weapons and engine pods out and in modes). There are a couple of other models included in the trailer which are the ori (no actual ships though), but for more look at the readme.

There are several pictures included in the file showing the Work In Progress pictures of the Asgard Beliskner Class (also know as Thor's Chariot)

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Download 'stargate_project_trailer.rar' (14.54MB)

Trailer name: Stargate_Project_Trailer.wmv
Size (unrared): 15,131 Kb
Duration: 1:31
Creator: Com-man
Footage: Dave's and DKealt's Stargate ships for Star Trek Bridge Commander
Song: Atlantis theme remixes created by ???, mixed by Com-man


=About the Stargate Project=:

The Stargate Project is a long-running modding "Project" by Dave and DKealt.
They plan to make (almost) all ships from the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis
universe for Star Trek Bridge Commander.


=About the Trailer=:

This trailer is a preview on the upcomming Update package which will include
all previous ships made by Dave and DKealt and all model/texture/hardpoint updates
on them, as well as a few new ships. The trailer shows most of the new/upgraded
models and some hardpoints.


=About the update package=:

The update package will include:

All previous ships of Dave and DKealt with model/texture/hardpoint upgrades.
The Ori Package V1

Ships/Stations that are scheduled to be included are:

Earth Ships: - X-303 - Improved model and textures, Hardpoint realigned, "Ethon" refit model included.
             - BC-304 - Vastly improved model, Textures and glows being improved, hp realigned and improved. 3 variants for 3 different ships.
             - X-301 - Completley redone textures, script changed to add 2 missiles rather than the staff cannons.
             - All versions of X-303 and BC-304 Mvam capable to launch f302s and have vertical launching missiles.

Goa'uld Ships: - Al'kesh - back of model redone to make it more accurate. Cloak added.
               - Needle Threader - rescaled and weapons positioned properly.
               - Ha'tak/Early Ha'tak - weapon arcs evened out and some extras added to give better weapon coverage on all versions.
               - All versions of Ha'tak given Mvam capability to launch gliders.
               - Goa'uld Starbase added.

Ancient Ships: - Puddle Jumper - rescaled and made longer to make it look more accurate and front/back made slightly more slanted.

Wraith Ships: - Dart - rescaled, realigned hp.

Asgard Ships: - O'Neill - Variant without front canons added. Towers on both models resized. Added detail to textures on bottom. weapons arcs improved.
              - Daniel Jackson - Improvements made to model and textures. Problem with texture stretching solved. hp rebalanced.
	      - All Asgard ships Cloak added (As noted by Captain Samantha Carter in SG-1 Season 3's Nemesis)

Ori Package V1 Will include:

Ori Ships: - Ori Satellite from Sg-1 Season 9's Ethon (09x15).
           - Ori Supergate from SG-1 Season 9's Beachhead (09x06) and Camelot (09x20). 
	     Since the Beachhead gate had 80 segments, and the Camelot gate had 90, the gate for BC has 85 segments as a compromise. 


Ships NOT included in the update package:

Upcomming ships (WIPS):

-Goa'uld cargo ship AKA Tel'tak with all seen variants (Lucian alliance variant, Tok'ra variant, Jack's rebuild variant)
-Asgard Beliskner Class Warship (WIP pictures included in a seperate rar)

Upcomming ships (Planned):

-Ori Warship as seen in SG-1 Season 9's Camelot (09x20). 
-Ancient Aurora Class Warship as seen in Atlantis Season 2's Inferno (02x19) and Allies (02x20)


For any further information about the trailer, mail or msn to: [email protected]

For any further information about the Stargate project, mail to: [email protected]


Legal stuff:

All Stargate franchise belongs to MGM and you can not claim it your own.
All models made by Dave and DKealt belong to them, anyone can use them for other
projects if you wish, but please give credit.
Nothing from this trailer may be copyed in any way unless first informing me (Com-man)
by mailing me at: [email protected]

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