Stargate The Alliance Offical Trailer 2



Yes, that's right, another trailer. Most of you probably already knew there would be another trailer but for those of you who didn't then this really is a surprise. This second trailer shows a lot more stuff than the previous one. This one shows what the game will be like. Even though there will probably be many changes made I have to say that it looks great already. Look at how that gate opens, it's just amazing that they managed to pull something like that. For some reason I thought the voice were not part of the game if you understand what I am saying. They felt a bit off. It appears there will also be an invasion of the SGC. It looks like an Anubis Super Soldier managed to find it's way through the gate. I am also starting to believe that the 'an ancient evil rises' which they have been promoting is not Anubis.

Well I won't spoil it any further. Go download now!




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