Steam European Local Currency, making things more expensive! $1 = €1?

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With the new European Local Currency being available in the United Kingdom (Pounds Sterling), and Europe (Euros). It seems that steam made their store quite useless for those people who have to pay in euros. People buy through the steam store because it is mostly cheaper and easier to get the games. But since this new update, all the prices is being changed to euros being almost exactly the same as the dollar price within the steam stores making things much much expensive. Steam made a big mistake? Buying games in local stores is much cheaper now for European people, which gets you a CD/DVD and a manual as well.

A thread has been made on the forums and here is the first part of it:

I don't see "Enable/Disable European Store Beta" anymore so I assume it's going to stay like this?

Well, goodbye Steam, it was great while it lasted. I will continue to use my Steam account and my Steam games as long as I can, and I will probably enter some retail CD keys into the account (for future Valve games) when I have a chance.

But the whole $=€ forced me to resign from buying anything on Steam. I have got a special USD Visa card that actually had some great deal when I bought something in $$$, right now it's pointless.

Thanks Valve! Another disappointment of the year.

Discuss, Europeans only I guess (of course apparently for Valve UK is not Europe and their prices are even lower than those in USA - some of them).

More can be read here:

The thread has much more details on it and is also above 50+ pages! has Steam really became this greedy?

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