Stronghold v1.2 Patch - Windows

The last official pre-HD patch for Stronghold.


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The last official pre-HD patch for Stronghold.

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Download 'stronghold_v1_2.exe' (8.85MB)

Free Build Mode:

You can add your own events and invasions within the free build maps. Press F1 at any time while playing a free build map and select the event or invasion you wish to start.

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer mode now has the option, ‘Strong walls on’. ‘Strong walls on’ means troops cannot attack walls & towers. Only siege equipment is able to destroy the walls & towers.

Multiplayer mode now has the option to stop in game alliances.

Your troops can now capture the Gatehouse from an enemy player. You can capture a gatehouse by getting one of your troops onto the top of a gatehouse. Once one of your troops is on the gatehouse, the gatehouse will automatically open.

Map Editor:

Pressing ALT and <comma> within the map editor now includes the option to resize the map. WARNING: When making your maps smaller, you will lose the edges of the play area. Be careful when using this feature, as it is irreversible.


When troops are set on aggressive within multiplayer they will automatically target enemy buildings as long as there are no enemy troops in the immediate vicinity to attack.

The Lord can be sent back to the keep at any time, you can do this by clicking on the keep when you have the Lord selected.

The keys: Q, W, E, set the stances for your troops: ‘Stand Ground’, ‘Defensive Stance’ & ‘Aggressive Stance’ respectively.

Selecting troops and double clicking on their destination will cause them to walk at their own pace and not the same pace as the other troops in the selection.

In the multiplayer set-up screen, the last four IP address entered are remember and can be cycled through by clicking on the button next to the IP entry box.

Map Editor Keys:

Set initial levels - A panel to set-up initial taxes, gold and ration levels within the map editor, edit scenario section. - Use: ALT @ or ALT #

Change map type - In the main map editor screen this key allows you to change the map type. - Use: ALT and <comma>

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