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The official demo version of Submarine Titans. It has the White Sharks Tutorial, two White Sharks missions and one Black Octopi mission. Ski...


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The official demo version of Submarine Titans. It has the White Sharks Tutorial, two White Sharks missions and one Black Octopi mission. Skirmish/multiplayer is limited to 4 players and with 40% of the tech tree, and it differs from the full game in a few details (e.g. different voiceovers).

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Download 'stdemo.exe' (63.13MB)

This is a DEMO version of Submarine Titans. 


Pentium 233 MHz MMX or compatible equivalent. (Pentium III recommended)

Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000 operating system with all current 32-bit drivers
for CD-ROM, video card, sound card and input devices.

32 MB RAM. (64 MB recommended)

140 MB of free hard disk space.

16x CD-ROM drive.

24-bit SVGA (800 x 600 or better pixel display) graphics mode.

Full installation of DirectX 7.0

A mouse or equivalent input device.

For Multiplayer a minimum of 28.8K modem connection. 

In order to have a smooth multiplayer game all players must have good fast connections
(ping) to the Net. Also all players must have similar systems so there will be less lag.
If playing on a large map players are recommended to have a PII 300 or higher with 64 MB

Following are the limitations in the demo:

   Only the White Sharks tutorial is functional. Only 40% of the tech tree and units are 
available in this demo. For Multiplayer there is a limit of 4 players and only one type 
out of the four landscapes is available. Only two missions in the White Sharks and one in
the Black Octopi Campaigns are included. If you are itching to have a Multiplayer game 
please read the documentation in the help file. Note that we have included the full help
file (not fully complete yet) so you can see all the units and what each one does and all
the different strategies you can use in Submarine Titans. Characters and speeches for the
campaign mission briefings have not been included to cut down the file size of the demo.
We have included the Random Map Generator so that the Sub Titans demo will have lots of 
replay value. For more info on the game please visit our web site at
If you have any questions you can email us at

SPECIAL NOTE: The campaign missions in the White Sharks are not the 1st 2 missions in the
actual game. Also note that you may find the weak AI a little hard to beat in the White 
Sharks Campaign. We are aware of this and the AI will be tweaked further in the final 
version to make it more easier on the EASY AI setting. 

FSGS Servers: 

  The FSGS server in this demo is default set to the main FSGS server. If you would like 
to change FSGS servers to a location near you, go to the Submarine Titans Configuration 
file (from program start menu) and click on the EXTRA tab and change the server info at 
the bottom. This demo also includes a 4 player ladder map so you can be ranked in the demo.
  The easiest way to get in touch with other Sub Titans players is to click on FSGS in 
the Multiplayer menu and start a game. If you can't find anyone to play with you can join 
the Sub Titans Demo ICQ Active List. In order to activate the Active List you need to make 
sure you have ICQ version 99b. The Submarine Titans Demo Active List # is 68269845.

Questions about Sales and Release:

  If you live in N. America and you have any questions on release and
sales, please contact Strategy First at or if you live outside
N. America please contact Pan Interactive at

   Enjoy the demo of Submarine Titans!!

(c) 2000 Ellipse Studios. Submarine Titans is a Trademark of Ellipse Studios.

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