Submarine Titans v1.1 Patch

The latest official patch for Submarine Titans.


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The latest official patch for Submarine Titans.

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A lot of reported bugs have been fixed and network play has been optimized. Here is the full list of fixes: 

Bug Fixes: 
* Fixed bug in Power Protector where if 2 protectors were built next to each other, it would close and recharge. 
* Fixed bug in teleport recharge. 
* Fixed bug in restart game for campiagn mission. 
* Fixed bug in Development technology for Silicon Campiagn missions 
* Fixed bug in drawing technology tree (yellow boxes). 
* Fixed Mouse dragging problem in Windows 2000 
* Fixed Campaign Missions 5 and 6 for Black Octopi (Capture technology problem) 
* Fixed Campaign Missions 7,8,9,and 10 for White Sharks (Various bugs) 
* Fixed Internal Error problems 

* Fixed several Asynch bugs. 
* Fixed Internal Errors 

* Optimization of Network code for smoother game play. 
* Optimized movement of sea life. 
* Improved AI Pathfinding for Subs 
* Optimized Guard zone for subs 
* Increased hit points for the DC Bomber 
* Some more balance for the BO, WS and SI Civilizations 
* Updated FSGS DLL and Patch system.

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