Supreme Commander

Set in the 37th century, Supreme Commander presents a galaxy that has been ripped apart by three warring factions, each vying to eradicate the universe of all opposition and end the 1000 year Infinite...

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Experimental Wars asdrubaelvect 25.99MB 734
Xing Hyperion_Personality 264KB 64
Xing Hyperion_Personality 257KB 30
Frost Bite Hungaboo 3.41MB 236
Devils Landings Hungaboo 3.84MB 162
Hotstats UI Mod Zulan 420KB 153
Faction Diversity Mod FunkOff 1.93MB 200
Faction Diversity Mod FunkOff 1.43MB 102
Super SACU AGENT X506 4.01MB 214
ShipWreck mod for FA FunkOff 5KB 252
Faction Diversity Mod FunkOff 15.54MB 197
Water World finesse 1KB 197
No Crash BulletMagnet 2KB 50
Experimentals Wars asdrubaelvect 62.13MB 2210
IMBA MOD Viking. Manimal. LegeionDarr 39.83MB 972
Animated black skin Guig_Esprit_du_Sage 5MB 47
Experimentals Wars 1.8 asdrubaelvect 51.1MB 1160
Commanders Revenge schnitzelmaker 9.51MB 704
Commanders Revenge schnitzelmaker 9.48MB 211
Commanders Revenge schnitzelmaker 9.45MB 251
Experimentals Wars 1.6 asdrubaelvect 37.55MB 1209
Agemennon T3 defence turret NighteyesInUse 4.5MB 389
Experimental Mobile Weapons Platform NighteyesInUse 2.35MB 395
Commanders Revenge Extreme Edition schnitzelmaker 7.02MB 158
Commanders Revenge schnitzelmaker 7.02MB 114
Experimentals Wars asdrubaelvect 7.8MB 502
Commanders Revenges Extreme Edition schnitzelmaker 7.51MB 143
Commanders Revenge schnitzelmaker 7.51MB 73
Blackops: Unleashed Unit pack BlackOps mod team 74.15MB 6202
4th Dimension Optimus Prime 26.88MB 1460
mozza mods MOZZA 8.61MB 418
BLUE's Naval Unit Pack parado0m 17.68MB 1467
Phantom: Pirates vs NInjas NovaPrim3 9.78MB 263
Phantom: Pirates vs NInjas NovaPrim3 9.78MB 103
Phantom: Pirates vs NInjas NovaPrim3 9.98MB 57
4th Dimension Optimus Prime 26.59MB 525
Custom Faction Support mod brute51 30KB 262
BLUE's Naval Unit Pack! parado0m 4.69MB 371
Custom Faction Support mod brute51 28KB 238
Aperture Laboratories col_Jessep 3.96MB 620
Nuke collide Eluvatar 4KB 320
Nuke collide Eluvatar 4KB 113
Phantom-N NovaPrim3 2.41MB 276
Battle of the Experimentals Valdore 982KB 183
Sorian AI Sorian 204KB 2982
Blackops: Unleashed Unit pack BlackOps mod team 53.88MB 4846
4th Dimension [FIXED] Optimus Prime 26.5MB 1438
Sacrifice lord_maniac 1.3MB 529
4th Dimension Optimus Prime 24.97MB 542
T3Engineeringstations Ghaleon 3.09MB 714