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that provides two different functions. The primary function is that it detects when a game is started with the Assassination victory conditi...


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that provides two different functions. The primary function is that it detects when a game is started with the Assassination victory condition and automatically begins monitoring the commander's health. As your commander loses health, you will be notified. Then, upon death, all assets are automatically transferred to the first surviving ally. You can also assign AutoGive to the ally of your choice (details below). The secondary function is that it allows you to easily give resources or units to an ally at any point during the game.AutoGive was inspired by One Key Unit Donation (OKD) by Jiver and LazyShare by SvartfaR. Each of these mods provide the ability to give resources/units to allies during the game. I used what I considered to be the best features from each one during the development of this mod, with permission, of course. Also, since I used the ally-to-key mapping method from OKD, I worked with SvartfaR to include compatibility with LazyShare, for those that prefer his way of mapping allies to keys.Compatibility* One Key Unit Donation: INCOMPATIBLEThe unit and resource donation functionality provided by this mod is verysimilar to what is provided by One Key Unit Donation. Running both wouldbe redundant, so One Key Unit Donation is considered incompatible.* LazyShare: COMPATIBLEThe way that allies are identified by LazyShare is unique in that playersare assigned an identifier that is indicated on the scoreboard. Since someusers may prefer this over the static user assignments that this scriptuses, this mod has been made compatible with LazyShare.At the time of release, AutoGive is not known to be incompatible with any other major UI-mod.InstallationIf you got it from the Vault, it's already installed, so you just need to enable it via the Mod Manager. Otherwise, you need to place the AutoGive folder in your mods directory, and then enable it via the Mod Manager.Once enabled, start a game or replay and bring up the Key Bindings menu (normally by pressing F1). You will be asked if you would like to set the AutoGive default keys. Choose "Yes". You'll find the defaults listed below. You may reassign them if you'd prefer something else.Usage (without LazyShare)If LazyShare is not installed, the following default keys are assigned:[Shift-Fx]donates 50% of stored mass to ally x[Ctrl-Fx]donates 50% of stored energy to ally x[Ctrl+Shift-Fx] donates selected units to ally x[Ctrl+Alt-Fx] establishes AutoGive to ally xSo, what is x? x is a number from 1-6 that is used to identify which ally you are choosing. The ally numbers are determined from the order that your allies are listed on the Diplomacy Menu (normally accessed by pressing F4 in game). So, for example, if you want to give 50% of your stored mass to the 2nd ally listed on the Diplomacy Menu, you would press [Shift-F2], or, if you want to give all of your assets to the 3rd person listed on the Diplomacy Menu when your commander dies, you would press [Ctrl+Alt+F3].Usage (with LazyShare)If LazyShare is installed, the following default keys are assigned:[Ctrl+Alt-Numpad1] establishes AutoGive to ally 1[Ctrl+Alt-Numpad2] establishes AutoGive to ally 2[Ctrl+Alt-Numpad3] establishes AutoGive to ally 3If LazyShare is installed, the key assignments for donating resources and units are controlled by LazyShare. This mod simply adds the AutoGive functionality. If you are using LazyShare version 1, this script will always AutoGive to ally #1, as assigned by LazyShare. However, if you use the latest version of LazyShare, you may choose which ally you would like to AutoGive to using the key assignments above. These key assignments correspond to the ally IDs assigned by LazyShare.AutoGive NotesIf you're playing an assassination game, AutoGive is automatically enabled, and you will see a message at the beginning of the game indicating this. As such, if your commander dies, all of your units/resources will be donated to the the first non-dead ally on the list automatically. However, if you would like to AutoGive to a specific ally, you may press the corresponding key assignment any time before you die to reassign AutoGive. Once AutoGive has been manually reassigned, the key assignment becomes a toggle, so pressing it a second time will disable AutoGive. It should also be noted that if your chosen ally is already dead, AutoGive will automatically revert to using the first non-dead ally in the list. AutoGive can not be used in non-Assassination games.MiscellaneousThis mod remaps some of the user debug keys in order to make room for it's standard default keymapping. If you use the debug features in FA, take a look at hookluakeymapdefaultKeyMap.lua to identify the changes.This is a UI only mod, which means that you may use it in multiplayer games regardless of whether anyone else has the mod or not.Bug reports welcome.Also available from the Vault. Search for AutoGive.Enjoy!falcontx

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