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to use the Blackops mod again, and not to do another T1 only match without first fixing the frustrating balance bugs and removing/creating w...


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to use the Blackops mod again, and not to do another T1 only match without first fixing the frustrating balance bugs and removing/creating ways of countering exploits. And so the T1 Balance Mod was born, which grew into the BrewLAN mod; named after Joshua Wilsons BewLAN party where we first played a match with the first alpha. __ _ _ __ _ _ __ ___ __ __ __/ _)( )( ) ( ) ( ( )/ _)( _)( ) / / _)( (_ )__( /__ ) (( (/ ) _) )(__( () )( (/ __)(_)(_)(_)(_)(_)_)__/(___)(____)__/ __/All changes by Sean Wheeldon (Balthazar) unless otherwise stated..2009-10-03|0.2b* Commented out build locations on unfinished units for public beta release. They can still be accessed for whatever reason ingame via the spawn menu..2009-10-02|0.1.9a* Made the Aeon Quantum Optics Facility drag buildable and reduced the footprint.* Fixed the build menu location of the Cybran T3 Transport.* Gave minute omni range to all T1 land scouts (range of 2) as an unlisted ability.* Added 'Aspis', Aeon T1 Shield Genorator.* Unified the Wall Section build icon priorities to that of the Cybran Wall.* Fixed the unitdescription.lua file hooking.* Added build descriptions for all custom units and all modified units.* Raised the vertical offset of the seraphim T1 Shields.* Added a place holder Aeon T3 Air Transport.* Raised the max health of Galactic Colossus by 1.* Changed the UEF T1 Shields footprint plan.* Started work on the Cybran Sniperbot..2009-10-01|0.1.8a* Fixed the UEF T1 Gunship, Engines now rotate transport hooks T1 only.* Fixed, finished, and rebalanced all factions T1 Light Artillery.* Fixed the icon reference for the mod, broke on file rename.* Changed back to a fixed filename, for the sake of not having to update URL's between versions.* Created the Night Skimmer, Cybran T3 Heavy Air Transport.* Halved the Omni range of the T3 Observation Satelite, formerly T4 Defence Satelite.* Made Cybran T3 Aircraft auto stealth from creation.* Created the Seraphim T1 Shield and made it upgradable.* Fixed the glow position on the UEF T1 Shield..2009-09-28|0.1.7a* Changed name listings; removed 'balance' and added version from/to the name.* Fixed the script for the UEF T2 Mass store for correct fill anims.* Made an attempt at fixing the Emitter location on the UEF T1 Shield Gen; sort of worked..2009-09-25|0.1.6a* Added the UEF and Aeon T2 Mass Storages.* Accidentally listed it as 0.1.3a instead of 0.1.6a in mod_info..2009-09-19|0.1.5a* Bilmon created the Seraphim and Cybran T1 Artillery, using the T2 meshes.* Started translating Seraphim for the sake of naming conventions.2009-09-20* Created a custom mesh and icon for the Cybran T1 Artillery.* Changed back the file structure changed in prior release.2009-09-21* Added the Cybran T2 mass storage.2009-09-23* Added the Seraphim T2 mass storage..2009-09-04|0.1.4a* Bilmon started contributing to the mod.* Bilmon changed the pokers stats to be more inline with the other T1 units.* Bilmon added the Charis Aeon Tech 1 Artillery useing the Aeon T2 atrillery mesh as a placeholder.* Changed the modded FA units to a single modded .bp file.* Added an icon and a custom mesh for the Charis.2009-09-06* Readded the files for the Salvation and the Defence Satelite; mods weren't working right.* Renamed the T3 Seraphim Gunship to the Vulthuum from Vulthuulth, thuum appearing to mean 'big' on other units.2009-09-09* Attempted to add 'Wilson', the Cybran T2 Combat Engineer, using a modified Engineer mesh. Didn't appear ingame.2009-09-14* Finally finished the mesh for the UEF Experemental Point Defence, 'Doomsday Machine', and got it mosty functioning in game.2009-09-15* Started texturing the Doomsday Machine.2009-09-16* Corrected the spelling of 'Experimental' on the Salvation and the still unfinished Doomsday Machine.2009-09-17* Added the 'Vishuum', Seraphim T3 Heavy Air Transport.2009-09-18* Failed at getting any new units to work.2009-09-19* Changed the file structure of the mod..2009-09-01|0.1.3a* Changed the Pigeons unit code from BUA0105 to BEA0105 for correct categorisation on the spawn menu.* Fixed the firing and aiming for the Respirer.* Added the Poker UEF Tech 1 Artillery.2009-09-02* Fixed the firing script for the Poker* Added the LSD - Pulse, Aquatic Tech 1 Light Shield Generator for the UEF.* Modified the Novax Center to be a Tech 3 Observation Satelite Station and reduced its cost by around 10 times.* Replaced the Pigeons mesh from after I accidentally exported over it.* Made the Aeon Rapid Fire Artillery an experemental unit, only menu position effected.* Renamed the mod to the BrewLAN Balance Mod to accomadate for it now extending out of Tech 1.* Created the Vulthuulth, Tech 3 Seraphim Heavy Gunship2009-09-03* Properly texture mapped the Vulthuulth, created custom texures and build icon, fixed AA gun.* Replaced mod icon..2009-08-29|0.1.2a* Created a custom mesh and texture for the Pidgeon.2009-08-30* Renamed the Pidgeon to the Pigeon.2009-08-31* Accidentally exported over the custom mesh for the Pigeon while creating one for the respirer.* Created a custom mesh for the Respirer.* Broke weapon systems of the Respirer whilst attempting to split the cannons..2009-08-27|0.1.1a* Created Changelog.* Fixed the Pidgeons size, weapon animations and damage.* Gave the Pidgeon its own icon, instead of sharing the T2 Gunship icon.* Added the Respirer, Aeon Tech 1 Light Gunship to the game, a retextured resized Specter..2009-08-26|0.1a* Added the Pidgeon, UEF Tech 1 Light Gunship to the game.

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