Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance v1.5.3596 to v1.5.3598 (No SecuROM version)

FA 3596 - 3598 No Securom.exe


A variant of the first patch for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance without the SecuROM copy protection system.



Bug Fix: 
- Fixed issue where Seraphim sACU could use overcharge before upgrading. (done by selecting both unupgraded sACU and an ACU and giving overcharge command) 
- Fixed issue where FA only player could innapropriately be another faction during online play. 

- Seraphim T3 Sub Hunter - Reducing MaxRadius on torpedo to 70. 
- Riptide, UEF T2 Amphibious Tank - Increasing Cost 20%. 
- Seraphim T1 floating atillery - Increasing cost 50%. Mass cost is now 54. 
- Nukes now do damage instantly instead of radiating slowly outward. 
- HARMS, Cybran T3 Torpedo Ambushing System - Increasing MinWaterDepth 
- Seraphim T2 Tactical Missle Defense - Increasing ProjectileLifetime. 
- Novax, UEF Experimental Satellite - Reducing crash damage to 3000. 
- Skyslammer, Cybran T1 mobile anti air - Decreasing Ground Gun damage by 50%. DPS is now 20

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