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Published by Buckfast76 15 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Ok guys, cFang has posted this juicy bit of information on the GPGnet forums. Its extracts from September 2007s PC Gamer magazine so its technically 3rd hand, but after reading I'm sure you'll agree its great news [quote] I have some answers for those of you who are still speculating about what the "Walking Brick" does as well as several of the other new units that will be coming with SC:FA. The September 2007 issue of PC Gamer ran a two page preview on the game and heres a bit of the information from the preview. Cybran unit Info -The the brick armored assault bot, known to many as the "walking brick" is described as being an amphibious, slow-moving, heavily armored bot which is equipped with a fast firing laser and light torpedoes when submerged. -The "Crab Lord" was set to be the Megalith Amphibious Mega Bot and was called the Cybran's answer to the Fat Boy. It is capable of attacking land, air, and sea units. For AA, it uses flak cannons and the two low-arc mounted cannons deal area of effect damage to land and sea units. It is also equipped with torpedoes. This part is the most interesting to me, it also states that the Megalith can use mobile construction eggs to quickly construct any unit on the field of battle. Pretty neat. UEF unit info -The Percival Armored Assault bot is the new t3 bot for the UEF. It's the one that stands fairly tall and has a rather long gun on the right side of its body. The Percival is said to be designed for assaulting stationary enemy defenses and bases. It features excellent range and a high level of damage but does not fair very well against enemy units, only enemy structures. Looks like the UEF have a formidable turtle cracking unit now. -The Spearhead Mobile Missile Platform is the new t3 missile launcher. The article states that it fires 3 tactical missiles in order to overwhelm tactical missile defense systems and to attack stationary enemy targets. -The Novak Sub-Orbital Satellite is described as being an experimental unit which launches a satellite which then proceeds to slowly position itself above an enemy's base. The satellite can be controlled and commanded from the strategic zoom. Once its in position, it can rain down "pinpoint accurate destruction." The article mentions that the only way to destroy it is to destroy the control station for it at which point it will plummet out of the sky and crush anything under it. Aeon unit Info -Sprite Striker Sniper Bot is described as being a 'fast moving attack bot" that is designed to "attack slow-moving targets." Its weapon is extremely accurate with excellent range but it fires at a slower rate. -Torrent Class Missile Ship is armed with long-range missiles that are capable of inflicting precise, extensive damage. It also carries an anti-torpedo defense system. The article also mentions that the existing factions will get 10 new units apiece, with one of these new units being an experimental. It also hits on several new units such as an Aeon shield disruptor, anti-artillery tech for the UEF, and a crawling bomb for the Cybrans. As for whats coming to GPGnet in 44 days, the article mentions that we should "Expect a free new downloadable unit pack, including a new tech 2 fighter-bomber, to hit GPGNet this August!" So there you have it, I hope this answers a few of your burning questions that of been flying around. I credit all of my information to the September 2007 issue of PC Gamer. If you don't believe me then go buy the issue yourself. All the best. [/quote] There you have it, we're finally getting free unit downloads plus the new units for FA described sound ultimate.
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