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Published by Digz 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Recently we have had a file submitted from RevenTDL, one of the comments posted by Lt.Hawkeye a very respected modder and member of this community said that his work had been stolen and had not even been credited for in the readme, this has just happened at Black and White 2 Files and do not want to this damaging other communities. We must get things straight about submitting files to SupCom Files, it is common sense to give credit to others work that you have used, even if it is a small amount of coding that you have directly taken from another mod it just gives justice to that developer. When you submit files in the email you send clearly state: Mod name: Description: Your developer username: Installation instructions: **Credits to any other developers you have used work from**: This is a new rule if you do not do this your file will be returned and you will asked to fill out these specific details, please always include a readme so we have a hard copy of this information and so does everyone who downloads it. At this moment all comments and screenshots have been deleted because we need to delete the file so don't post any more comments so all the staffer that posted the file has to do is press delete and it's gone and do not download it for the benefit of the developers work that has been used in the mod. Thank you for understanding SupCom Files Staff
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