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Published by WindowsVistaGeek19 12 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Ok, one thing I adore about this community is that when you guys send in files, however little files are sent in :(, you put screenshots in! As a general reminder to all contributers and future contributers, please be sure to include screenshots! It saves me a lot of time when posting the file up on the site, as I don't have to go ingame and take my on shots. Now, some files that are sent in include screenshots with GIF format. FILEFRONT'S SUBMISSION SYSTEM DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY PICTURES EXCEPT THOSE USING SOME FORM OF JPEG COMPRESSION! If you put screenshots in your package you sent to the site, but they are not .jpeg, .jpg etc, then I have to spend the time to convert them, meaning your files, and anyones in line for me to post up, will take longer to post. Thanks for complying! Keep up the good work with all the mods, maps etc... Thanks! -WindowsVistaGeek19
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