Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Profile Preview - Aeon Faction

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Published by Digz 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Gamespot have recently deveopled a preview for SupCom owners and fans alike to compile a list of changes for the Aeon Faction that will take place in Forged Alliance coming out soon. Here are some of the changes previewed: [quote][b][u]Aeon Land Units[/u][/b] [u]Blaze (assault tank)[/u] This fast, lightly armored tank is fitted with dual rapid-fire autoguns. [u]Sprite Stalker (sniper bot)[/u] This fast-moving sniper bot is designed to strike high-value targets from a distance. [b][u]Aeon Air Units[/u][/b] [u]Swift Wind (combat fighter)[/u] This midlevel air fighter has excellent antiair capabilities, and is effective against enemy gunships and bombers. [b][u]Aeon Naval Units[/u][/b] [u]Restorer (antiair gunship)[/u] This heavily armored gunship is equipped with quad-light laser and zealot missiles. [u]Solace (torpedo bomber)[/u] This torpedo bomber is designed to engage high-level naval units. [u]Vesper (submarine hunter)[/u] This submerged antinaval unit is effective against both surface vessels and submerged units. [u]Torrent Class (missile ship)[/u] This high-end missile ship is armed with two racks of highly accurate serpentine tactical missiles. [b][u]Aeon Defensive Units[/u][/b] [u]Salvation (rapid-fire artillery)[/u] This is a rapid-fire artillery system that provides indirect fire support, and inflicts light damage across a large area. [b][u]Aeon Strategic Units[/u][/b] [u]Paragon (quantum resource generator)[/u] This generator creates nearly limitless energy and mass, and toggles resource generation to match production demands--but if destroyed, it goes up with an explosion as powerful as the detonation of a strategic weapon. [u]Eye of Rhianne (quantum optics facility)[/u] This structure offers line-of-sight view to a fixed location on the battlefield. [/quote]
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