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Published by Eluvatar 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Did you vote on this poll?

No (this is a paradox) 68% (219)
Yes 31.9% (103)
Total: 322
Start: 09-22-2008 14:31
Last: 10-20-2008 12:49

 #1 - Posted by: Loco_Modder (Member) on 09-23-2008 at 07:46

No, I didn't... I don't believe there was ever a poll, therefore I could not have possibly voted in it, and neither could anyone else, therefore those who say they did are liars who are out to fulfill some hidden agenda at our expense... Oh, sorry, am I not allowed to make fun of Hindus? :p

 #2 - Posted by: merlin51 (Member) on 09-23-2008 at 20:16

Not to ruin anybody's fun but it wouldn't be a paradox, just a lie.

 #3 - Posted by: CanadianBorg (Member) on 09-24-2008 at 04:51

WTF is the point? Has the SCFiles team become SO incredibly bored that they turn to such pointless polls for a quick laugh? Just a question. -CanadianBorg P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?

 #4 - Posted by: Point_Defence_System (Member) on 09-25-2008 at 15:49

WTF is the point of ur comment?? -CanadianNorg P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?....Yes it is not!!!!

 #5 - Posted by: Dimanche (Member) on 10-01-2008 at 07:18

No I really didn't. I didn't pick either answer. Stupid poll. -Dimanche P.S. Resistance is feudal, eh? :lol:

 #6 - Posted by: Eluvatar (Staff) on 10-03-2008 at 15:40

this was more of a poll to see how serious(or boring) our community was. and "CanadianBord" if you have a good poll idea than you can put it out their and just say it I think that I have used almost all the the poll requests since I have become admin.

 #7 - Posted by: Dezaro (Member) on 10-20-2008 at 06:42

I say that my exsistance is a Paradox hence therefore I couldn't have really voted in the poll ... could I? I'm so confused ... I'll just put my brain in a jar for 700-1000 years and see if it'll sort itself out. I have a poll suggestion ... should all PC game companies put out MOD SDK (or equivilant) that can be used by the 'average joe' with no software/programming training, so that the modding and wider community are better supported and encouraged to add-to, change or tweak games to their own ends? It's just that I go to alot of these filefront sites and the same problems seem to be plaguing alot of people. PS/after-thought; if you want to use this as a poll para-phrase it because my grammer sucks and I hate seeing my bad grammer just being copied into polls.

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