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Modifications Extended Construction Bars for Version 3217 Mini UI

This mod simply changes the new (as of version 3217) mini UI to have a wider construction bar. Hopefully it won't be needed after the next p...


Modifications Airborne Engineers

This is the third major release of my Airborne Engineer mod! What does it do? Something I feel that should have been done by GPG; add...


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Modifications Hades T3 Gunship

It would seem this modifcation needs some tinkering with before it'll work properly, but the early-stuff has already been done. Consult the...


Modifications Experimental Beef Up Mod

This modification changes the stats of the experimental units, and makes them better. Not that they're already able to own, but makes them...


Modifications Rapid Fire Artillery Installation

Does exactly what it says on the tin: This is a rapid artillery installation tat helps destroy the opposition, I guess.. - Ash


Modifications Radial Orders Menu

This handy little modification adds a little menu within the game, and for your ability to do less mouse-moving when giving units their orde...


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Modifications T3 Scouts

This mod adds T3 scouts to each faction. Each scout has a special ability and omni. Aeon: Teleport UEF: radar jamming Cybran: cloaking...


Modifications Giants

Well, the screenshots for this one pretty much show you what it is. Oversized experimental units :lol: I could see this being fun, if not a...


Modifications Defence Energy Mod

Castle-ing not as fun as you thought it was? Random defences across half the map got you down? Want your crippling of the enemies powergrid...


Modifications 4th Dimension

In short, this modification changed the balance and stats of the units in game, along with making them more accurate and includes better bal...


Modifications Ace Death Nuke

It sets the ACU death nuke back to pre-patch 3217I guess I can't say it any simpler than that. - Ash


Modifications AI Activation for Beta

This is a Modification for the SupComBeta which allows AI play in the lobby. - Ash


Modifications Big Bang Mod

In short, increases the commanders death nuke, making a much larger explosion. - Ash


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Modifications Bounty Hunter

A pretty good modification here. Scraps resources (to a point) and goes about it a whole different way. instead of collecting resources, you...


Modifications Campaign Rules

This looks to be a 'Big Cheat' giving you fast builders and such.. - Ash


Modifications Commander Storage Modification

This I believe to be a simple Modification that gives you more starting resources (I think). - Ash


Modifications Dmans Combined Mods

A collection of Mod's here, that have been combined for a better resulting Mod. I'm unsure as to which MOD's have been combined, though I...


Modifications Long Range Missiles

This, quite simply extends the range on the tactical missiles so they can shoot from further away. - Ash


Modifications Modular Damage

I'm guessing this has something to do with the damage that units recieve within the game. It doesn't really specify.. - Ash


Modifications Increased Unit Cap

This one is pretty self explanatory via the title, this increases the unit cap on the armys that you build. - Ash


Modifications Beta Mobile AA Shield

This mod addresses the lemminglike behaviour of mobile anti air and shield/stealth generators when grouped with ground attack units a...


Modifications Fast Veterans

This makes your veteran units faster, in the sense of their level build up. More information can be seen in the ReadMe. - Ash


Modifications Flying Engineers

This mod makes all the Construction bots fly. There is no change other then that. - Ash


Modifications Free Commander Upgrade

Makes your commander free to upgrade, requires no resources. - Ash