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Modifications Limited Late Game Units

This mod removes T3 artillery, nukes and anti-nukes, and T4 units from the game. - Ash


Modifications Quick Build Mod

This halves the build time / energy cost and mass cost. - Ash


Modifications Monkey Kingrar

Makes the spider-like thing bigger, better and badder ;) - Ash


Modifications Multirole Interceptor

Allows you to have an interceptor, of which can fulfil multiple roles. Pretty basic really, but does the job. - Ash


Modifications Ship Wreckage

This mod alters all naval units - that is to say, all ships and submarines, as well as the Tempest and Atlantis T4 units - to leave w...


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Modifications No Technology

In short, this disables tech 2 & tech 3. - Ash


Modifications Music Mod

This I believe changed the in-game music when playing. Something basic, but makes a change. - Ash


Modifications No Naval

Disables Naval Factories, thus disables you from building ships & submarines etc. - Ash


Modifications No Campaign Restrictions

This includes two files, both of which make no restrictions on the campaign mode, though one of the files is just for the player, and the ot...


Modifications No Nukes

Quite simply, disables the users ability to have and launch nukes. - Ash


Modifications No Pot Shots

This MOD Removes the T4 UEF Mavor, the T4 Cybran X-Rapid Fire Artillery, and the T3 Aeon Emissary. I put it together to use with my f...


Modifications Regeneration Mutators

Gives all units a regeneration ability, though not be much, it does help. - Ash


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Modifications Disable Desync Message

Tired of that annoying desync message popping up when you're playing multiplayer? Well this mod will fix that.-Ash


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Modifications More T4 Units

This mod comes with 3 new T4 units, Enjoy New Units Aeon: T4 Destroyer bot: Salvation Cybran: T4 Assassin bot: Phanto...


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Modifications Build Queues - Drag and Drop Mod

This mod is extremely useful and should have been included in the original game but wasn't. Kudos to the creator - BCDS This mod al...


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Modifications Veterancy Rate Changes

Veterancy Rate Changes was a requested mod on the gaspowered forums; it gives units veterancy status earlier. Tech 1 veterancy = every 5 k...


Modifications ()((()'s Interface Mod

The author’s goal was to create a more task-orientated interface, I think he can clearly tick that box ladies and gentlemen! By enlarging...


Modifications Examples Gone

Well, this does (or at least should do) exactly what it says on the tin. That being, rids your Mod Menu of the two custom Example Mods. P...


Modifications Shield Slider

With this mod, you can set your shield's size with a slider. To do this you need to select the a shield generator. Click with the right mou...


Modifications Unit Chase Camera

Evidently this mod adds a button to the minimap to show a unit chase camera in the minimap area. I can't say i've ever needed this myse...


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Modifications Defence Energy

Now here's a mod that has an idea that I like a lot! Basically, it makes all defensive structures (turrets, launchers etc...) consume energ...


Modifications SCA UI Mod

The SCA UI MOD makes your ui completely customisable and SAVABLE, oh yes. You can move, resize and even rotate all the windows using the a...


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Modifications Global Target Priority Changer

This is an extremely useful and innovative mod. This mod creates a small console-like function ingame, to change the targeting priorities of...


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Modifications Build Restriction Mod Pack

The Build Restriction Mod Pack (BRMP) is a collection of mods for the game 'Supreme Commnander', that change what in-game units you will...