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Videos Chris Taylor (GPG CEO) Interview

This video is basically a trailer with commentary by Chris Tayler, CEO/Director of the game's developer; Gas Powered Games. Enjoy as Chris...


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Videos E3 2006 Trailer

This is the very first public video for Supreme Commander released during E3 2006 (may). The video runs for four and a half minutes and sho...


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Videos Trailer #4 (December 2006) - Only one casualty matters

A trailer featuring 46 seconds of footage from Supreme Commander; in every battle, only ONE casualty matters!


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Videos Gas Powered Games - Game 1

This 2 minute 5 second movie video features one of the programmers narrating while playing a game of SupCom with the producer of the game an...


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Videos E3 2006 Trailer 2

This second E3 2006 (may) trailer runs for 3 minutes and 59 seconds and unlike the first trailer, this video features m...


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Videos Gas Powered Games - Desert Map

Frank Rogen, one of the producers at Gas Powered Games comments on a battle between David Kirwin (production assitant) vs. a beta tester. T...


Videos Supreme Commander - Cinematic Game Intro

Fantastic cinematic introduction to the game running for 2 minutes and 57 seconds. Watch it now and after you install Supreme Commander you...


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Videos Trailer #5

Trailer showing in-game action footage, runs for 46 seconds.


Videos Gas Powered Games - Game 3

Bill Harms, Editorial Manager at Gas Powered Games plays Paul, the PR and Marketing Guy. Paul is a smacktalker so this game will settle thin...


Videos Forged Alliance: First Trailer

Hey Everyone, Heres the first trailer for Forged Alliance. Its 2mins 22secs of in game footage. As you can see in the screenies, a bunch...