Supreme Commander v1.1.3251 to v1.1.3254 Patch

The latest patch for Supreme Commander, it fixes many balance issues as well as a few bugs.Changes: Shields now protec...


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The latest patch for Supreme Commander, it fixes many balance issues as well as a few bugs.


Shields now protect against UEF and Cybran strategic bombers. Disconnection dialog now updates properly, and quiet times will not get stuck at five seconds. Aircraft carriers that are building aircraft can no longer be attacked by Interceptors or Air Superiority Fighters. Fixed issues relating to how T3 artillery fires. Children of children will now die correctly when Czar/Atlantis dies. Cybran T2 Sonar hit points increased. Engineers will no longer assist a shield generator if the shield has been destroyed. They will now wait until the shield comes back up before assisting Strategic Missile Launchers will no longer play the 'Strategic Launch Detected' voice if you simply select a spot to nuke. UEF T3 Sonar Platform's rate of fire decreased and damage increased. Corona damage radius changed from 0 to 1. This effectively reduces the DPS of the unit. New Ferry Beacon Icon. Fixed issue that prevented players from moving the cursor to lower third of screen. Fixed exploit that let players permanently move the CDR off map. dbg_ballistics is no longer usable with cheats off. Fixed crash that occurred when players pressed and held middle mouse wheel down and then pressed the End or Home key in game. Transport-related tweaks. Introduced 500 structure build queue limit. Sacrifice retuned Replays downloaded from the GPGnet Replay Vault will no longer cause the replay dialog to fail. Sacrifice Exploit on paused SCU/SCU corrected.

This should make the game a bit more enjoyable for all.


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Download 'supcom_patch_1.1.3251_to_1.1.3254.exe' (1.26MB)

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