Supreme Commander v1.1.3255 to v1.1.3260 Patch



This is the incremental patch to bring your game up to version 3260. To use this you must be patched up to version 3255. (Available on this site).

Jables on GPGnet forums released this patch info,

New units!

- UEF T2 Bomber

- Aeon Guided Missile

- Cybran T2 Bomber

Bug fixes and other changes:

- Fixed an issue with Ferry Beacon guarding

- Visual tweaks to UEF shield effect

- Horde AI will now utilize T3 land units

- Performance improved when showing waypoint lines

- Fixed crash bug associated with air units refueling/repairing on air staging platforms

There you have it 3 new units!!!:rock: Screenshots below show the units (plus them attacking) in order,

- UEF T2 Bomber - Aeon Guided Missile - Cybran T2 Bomber

*Note, Screenies are by OCF_Neural, great job

Simply download the patch to your desktop, then run it. It should work fine, if not let us know and we'll try to help.



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