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The "4th Dimension" is a modification for Supreme Commander. The goal of this mod is to make SC feel more realistic (as long as it is bett...


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The "4th Dimension" is a modification for Supreme Commander. The goal of this mod is to make SC feel more realistic (as long as it is better for the gameplay) and to improve the balancing and graphics of the game. Nearly all muzzle velocities have been increased a lot and a few units move much slower now. Another big aspect of this mod is the fact, that in 4th Dimension nearly all units have their right to exist, even in later tech levels.

Beside a new veteran system, which lets stronger units count more than weaker units and which gives units bigger buffs, the mod changes the tarmac sizes and explosion effects.

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Download '4th_dimension_1.6.zip' (2.81MB)

############## Supreme Commander "4th Dimension" ##############

1. What is it?
2. Features
3. Installation
4. Changelog
5. Known bugs
6. Credits


======================== 1. What is it? ========================

The "4th Dimension" is a modification for Supreme Commander. The goal of this mod is to make SC feel more 
realistic (as long as it is better for the gameplay) and to improve the balancing of the game. 
The Czar for example is the biggest unit in the game, but it can take only very few damage. 
Another point is the ship behavior. They have a much too high acceleration which is much lower in the "4th Dimension" mod.
I also wanted to make more units usefull than in the original game. When you reached tech 3,
a lot of tech 2 and 1 stuff becomes obsolete in SC. In the "4th Dimension" the tech 3 siege bots for example are much slower than tech 1 and 2 tanks. 
Nearly all units have a weapon inaccuracy now, so that they dont hit the same pixel over and over again and most projectiles 
have much higher muzzle velocities. Some new units do area damage when they die and a lot more you have to find out!

========================== 2. Features =========================

some of the features:

[*] nearly all unit weapons have an inaccuracy (except special weapons like guided missiles, beamlasers... )
[*] veteran system is much more linear and units can reach max level in praxis now which was impossible before. 
    Also stronger units give more kills than others and you have an experience bar when selecting a uni. 	
[*] explosion damage added to a lot of units (damage decreases from explosion center)
[*] walls are more usefull but also more expensive (they can block more fire now)
[*] improved explosions optic like multiple generated (randomly) explosions, fireballs and firetrails
[*] hundreds of improvements to general balancing: check changelog for details
[*] gameplay changes to make units/races more different (for example big units are slower, cybrans have faster regeneration) 
[*] mass fabricators and RAS upgrades are less effective
[*] turn radius of human like robots has been reduced (no more units which can look at their own ass :D) 
[*] faster projectile speeds to let weapons look and feel more realistic
[*] all trees on all maps have been increased, to let you notice the environment much more

======================== 3. Installation =======================

Unzip the "4th Dimension.zip". If the unpacked file is a *.scd file, you must put it into the ...\gamedata\ folder.
If the unpacked file is another folder called "4th Dimension", put it into your mods directory in supreme commander 
(if it doesnt exist, create a folder "mods").

========================= 4. Changelog =========================

Version 1.6 :

- increased size of all trees on all maps
- crushed or burned trees dont disappear anymore (until they are reclaimed)
- trees dont disappear when hit by an area of effect weapon, but they begin to burn and fall down
- acu teleport in effect has been scaled down (this was necessary for the upper changes) 
- cybran T2 point defence has much more damage now, but fires in a burst mode with a long reload time
- aeon and uef T2 point defences have better accuracy, but smaller damage radius
- increased muzzle velocities for a lot of units (inlcuding ships)
- increased ranges of cybran T3 mobile artillery by 5 and uefs by 10
- increased HP of janus to 180 (from 75), but also reduced speed to 10 (from 12)
- increased HP of corsair to 120 (from 60), increased damage to 220 (from 200) and increased speed to 16 (from 14)
- corsair can target gunships now
- added smoke trails to corsair rockets
- reduced damage radius of mercy to 2.0
- mercy can now only target land, sea and experimantal units
- changed veteran system so that it is easier for T2 and T3 units, to gain a level
- obsidians and titans shield begins to regenerate now instantly (at a rate of 10/8 titan/obsidian), obsidian also got a HP reduction of 50
- increased turn speed of mobile shield generators, also increased aeons mobile shield accceleration
- increased costs and build times of T1 submarines by 20%
- reduced costs and build time of cybran destroyer by 20%
- increased HP of cybran cruiser to 6600 (from 5600)
- reduced anti air damage of T3 battleships by 50%
- torpedos are slower and have a smaller acceleration and start velocity (they hit better now)
- increased rate of fire of destroyers anti torpedo systems
- increased rate of fire of aeons battleship slightly and increased damage radius to 2 (from 1)
- increased death damage of uef T2 power generator to 1500 (from 500)
- fixed squad flash effect of T3 uef bomber (now it looks round like it should be)
- increased build time of SABs by 25% 
- increased build rate of T3 land factory to 40 (from 30)
- removed several projectile trails (for example cannons and aeon gunships)
- increased costs, HP and sizes of T1 mobile artillery. Lobos have bigger weapon LOS radius, fervor fires in a quad burst and medusas have 50% more damage
- increased damage of specter (aeon gunship) to 15 (from 12)
- increased damage of T2 torpedo bombers by 20%
- improved T3 aircraft carriers (a lot more HP, faster build rate, faster refuel rate, higher costs)
- doubled rate of fire of frigates land weapon
- every area damage weapon does only in 50% of its damage radius 100% damage. In 70% of the radius, the weapon does 60% damage and only 30% in the full damage radius
- increased czars depth charge damage by 100%, also made its fizz launcher target land, air and sea instead of only air
- fixed some projectile explosions (some projectiles had no explosions in some situations in vanilla SC)
- improved shield upgrades of acus (they are now as good as SCU upgrades or a bit better)
- increased HP of T3 and T4 artillery up to 50%
- doubled scathis damage and price, increased HP to 24000 (from 12000)
Version 1.5 :

- civilian tarmac size reduced to original size (because of some odd grafics on maps with civilians) 
- reduced energy costs of czar to 960.000 from about 2.000.000 (this also reduces the buildtime a lot)
- increased costs and buildtime of soulripper by 20%
- decreased AA damage of broadswords by 30%
- imported and changed Gooms veterancy Mod. Now units get more experience for killing stronger units: experimentals count 100 tech 1 units, tech 3 units count 6 tech 1 and so on. The experience needed for a level gain are now calculated by Mass cost, weapon range and tech level.
- rechanged broadswords projectile
- fixed a big exploit with Strategic Missile launchers (it was possible, to fire unlimited for free)
- increased HP of tech 2 transports by 50 and added a faster regeneration (4 for uef and aeon, 8 for cybran)
- increased dps of uef and cybran tech 2 mobile AA
- increased price and buildtime of T2 mobile AAs
- increased turnrate of aeon tech 2 mobile AA by 33%
- added leadtarget=true to aeon T2 mobile AA
- increased damage of fatboys main guns by 25%
- increased death damage of T3 fusions and massmakers a bit
- increased turnradius of SABs and SCUs torsos by 20-40 degrees
- reduced monkeylords turret turnradius to 250 degrees
- improved bigger building explosions (more fire and smoke)
- added tech 2 radar on Czar
- changed grafic of T3 aeon and uef artillery impact (mavor is effected by this too)
- changed aeon and cybran nuke to uefs nuke (they were only 2d and looked odd from the side)
- reduced damage of mercy to 2400 (from 3000), also reduced damage radius to 2.4 (from 3)
- doubled rate of fire of aeon and uef T1 mobile AA
- increased muzzle velocity of cybran T1 mobile AA to 30 (from 20)
- increased costs of T1 mobile AA by about 25% 

- some minor changes 

Version 1.4 :

- increased muzzle velocity of P1 ground defences
- some other muzzle velocity changes
- decreased size of oblivion projectile to 60%
- decreased size of eruptor projectile to 70%
- reduced max radius of SABs to 30 (from 32)
- increased projectile life time, muzzle velocity and rate of fire of Wasp. Also reduced damage per shot and removed area damage
- reduced build time of czar to 30% and increased regeneration rate to 10 from 1 (because its not repairable)
- doubled HP of T1 Bombers increased HP of T3 bombers by 50%
- increased damage of T1 bombers by 25-40%
- reduced the assistance effect of quantum gateways to 10%. So you need 10 times more builders to support the quantum gateway to get the old effect
- after you start building the first time in a quantum gate, the gate will need 1000 energy for maintanance, even if you dont build with it!
- reduced rate of fire of fatboy and fixed a calculation error for his damage (it was much higher than wanted)
- increased damage per shot of gemini by 400% but decreased rate of fire by 50% (dps is 2 times higher now)
- increased reload time of Loyalists antimissile system to 8 seconds
- increased frigates AA damage to values more like before the patch
- changed projectiles of Harbinger, Aurora, Aeon SCU, UEF T1 PD, Broadswords, Tempest and Cybran SCU. Also changed some sounds 
- increased mass costs of T3 Power Generators by 30% (they are still much better than T2)
- reduced mass output of RAS RAC to 10 (from 12)
- reduced range of SABs to 30 (from 32)
- increased torpedo damage of wagner to 90 (from 30) 
- doubled turn rate of raptide and increased wagners turn rate
- reduced speed of broadsword to 9 (from 11)
- increased velocity of cruiser AA missiles to 27 (from 15) and increased rate of fire of UEFs Cruiser to 0.7 (from 0.5), also removed damageradius
- increased the kills the GC needs to level up by x2, fatboy x1.5
- increased range of overcharge to 14 (from 10)
- increased firing randomness of machine guns a bit
- reduced rate of fire of SAM launchers by 30% but increased damage by 30% (still same DPS)
- added mod icon for the mod manager made by "Wankey" (thx)

Version 1.32 (beta):

- compatible with SC version 3251

Version 1.31 (beta):

- fixed texture bug for ground plates
- rechanged repairing costs to normal because of an exploit. Will hopefully be fixed in the next version (if its possible)

Version 1.3 (beta):

- reduced repairing mass costs to 0 (energy is the same as before)
- rechanged turn arc of ACUs back. It was too difficult to fall back
- all T2 point defences lead their targets now. Therefore their inaccuracy has been increased and their damage decreased by 10%. Also their projectile lifetime has been decreased so their inaccuracy can not be abused to increased range.
- set sink speed of ships to 66% 
- the regeneration system has been changed: all units of all races regenerate now. Higher Tech units regenerate faster. Cybrans regenerate 4x as fast as the other races. Air units regenerate slower than others
- now units get more HP in every level from 1 to 4: 25% more HP in Lvl 1/3 and 50% more HP in 2/4
- increased vision radius of cybran scouts to 35 (from 30)
- increased hunters fireing randomness to 0.5 (from 0.3)
- some smaller grafic changes (for examples lasers dont have trails)
- increased HP of frigates by 100%, also increased costs by 50%
- increased muzzle velocities of all ship cannons by 50%
- increased damage of obsidian to 307 (from 287)
- increased shield points of obsidian to 800 (from 700) and reduced shield recharge time to 60 (from 75)
Version 1.2 (beta):

- added another explosion type for medium and big units (more fireball like explosion - you will love them!)
- removed shadows from explosions
- changed some muzzle flashes and missile explosions (for example evensong)
- fixed a bug with loyalists antimissile ability (it could happen, that it didnt worked after a missile had hit the unit)
- increased health, damage and prices of mobile missile launchers by 50%. Also increased their damage radius
- increased health (+50) and damage a bit from wagner
- increased accuracy of fatboy (randomness = 0.6 instead of 2)
- increased size of torpedo explosions
- changed torpedo bombers projectile explosions
- increased metal costs of wall sections to 24 (from 16) 
- increased muzzle velocity of SAM launchers to about 30 (from 25)
- increased size of mobile shield generators to 18/20 aeon/uef (from 16 for both)
- reduced damage radius of oblivion to 1.5 (from 2)
- increased muzzle velocity of T2 AA to 40 (from 30) for mobile AA and 45 (from 40) for stationary AA but reduced their damage radius a bit
- mechs (incl all commanders) with 2 legs are no more able to turn 180° with their torso (it looked too silly). The range varies now from 90° to 130° 
- reduced ressource allocation system efficiency of SCUs to a general gain of 12 mass and 2400 energy (about 20% less than before)

Version 1.11 (beta):

- fixed desyncronisation bug

Version 1.1 (beta):

- improved unit explosions (for example less smoke, concussion rings, fire trails for aircrafts)
- reduced rate of fire of obsidian to 0.21 (from 0.25)
- increased rate of fire of T2 AA by 100%, decreased damage by 50%
- changed sound and grafic effects of UEFs T2 AA (more like a flak from the sec world war now)
- changed projectile effects of UEFs T1 Fighter (it looks like a machine gun now), also increased rate of fire and decreased damage (same dps)
- some script adjustments for damage areas
- changed projectile of harbinger to something less acid like
- changed flares projectile and sound to mech marines (sonic pulse looked odd in my opinion)

Version 1.0 (beta):

- now you get a message when a unit has gained a new level (including unit name and level number)
- increased health, rate of fire and costs of light assaul bots
- increased size of light assault bots by 50%
- reduced range of light assault bots a bit
- increased muzzle velocity of a lot of units including all SABs
- reduced speed of T1 tanks to 3 (from 3.4)
- increased muzzle velocity of UEFs SAM launcher to 22 (from 15)
- replaced Cybran and Aeon tarmac with UEF style tarmacs in different brightness
- reduced energy storage of all factories to 100 (from 400 for T1, 800 for T2 and 1600 for T3)
- reduced energy storage of all sub commanders to 50 (from 250)
- reduced costs and build time of energy storages to 300 mass, 4200 energy and 300 bt (from 480 mass, 4800 energy and 400 bt)
- loyalists anti missile system needs longer to redirect incoming missiles
- SAM launchers have much slower rate of fire, but much higher damage (they are better against strong targets, but weaker against weak targets)
- reduced rate of fire of all attack submarines by 50%, also increased damage by 100%
- increased HP by 100% of all cruisers and destroyers, also increased costs by 50%
- improved most explosions, so that they are 3d and have more fire effects
- increased shield points of tech 4 cybran shield to 16.000 (from 14.000)
- some other small changes

Version 0.9 (beta):

- increased stealth radius of stealth towers by 50%
- doubled energy input of stealth towers
- reduced reclaiming speed of wreckages -20% (from version 0.8) 
- decreased omni radius of lvl 3 radars to 150 (from 200) and decreased radar range to 500 (from 600)
- removed sonar ability of lvl 3 radars
- increased HP of Obsidian to 850 (from 750)
- increased HP buff for fatboy to 20000 per level
- increased walk speed of salem destroyer by 66% (including animation)
- reduced speed of aurora on water by 30%
- increased HP of scathis to 12000 (from 2400) (HP buffs adjusted)
- increased max range of scathis to 450 (from 350)
Version 0.8 (beta):

- increased health gain per level by 100% (so you get 50% more health for level 2 and 4)
- increased regenration rate buff for level 5 by 1000% (it was 2 in general and is 20 now) 
- reduced effectiveness of mass fabricators (they need much more energy per metal than before now)
- increased costs and build time of cybrans lvl 3 mass fabricator by 20%
- increased HP and produced mass of cybrans lvl 3 mass fabricator
- increased costs and build time of uefs lvl 3 power generator by 10%
- increased HP of uefs mass fabricator by 10%
- increased size of uefs ground textures (for buildings)
- reduced wreckage mass value to 40% of the units mass value
- reduced reclaiming speed of wreckages 
- added regeneration of 1 to all cybran units/buildings (if it was 0)
- doubled costs and build times of all lvl 3 factories	
- tripled costs and build times of quantum gateways

Version 0.7 (beta):

- reduced death damage of lvl 3 mass fabricator to 3000 (from 4000)
- reduced death damage of lvl 3 power generators to 5200 (from 8000)
- increased costs and build times of walls a lot
- increased height of walls so they will block most shots from units
- increased HP of walls to 8000 (from 4000)
- reduced range of lvl 1 aeon aurora to 22 (from 26) 
- reduced needed kills for veteran levels and changed the leveling to a *more* linear curve 
- increased damage area of monkeylords beam to 0.6 (from 0.5)
- increased turn rate of monkeylords turret by 10%
- reduced damage of fatboy artillery by 25%
- increased HP of fatboy to 30.000 (from 25000)
- nearly all death damages and a lot of other area damages decrease from the hit center now
- increased size of aeon and cybran mass and aeon energy storage (they were too small)
- reduced rate of fire for all lvl 2 tanks to 1/3 (for cybrans 1/4)
- increased damage of lvl 2 tanks by 200%  (for cybrans 300%) so they still have the same damage/sec
- adjusted damgages of lvl 2 tanks a bit
- added regeneration to aeon harbinger
- adjusted some damage values for lvl 3 siege bots
- increased costs and build time of cybrans lvl 3 power generator by 20%
- increased  HP and energy output of cybrans lvl 3 power generator by 20%
- increased costs and build time of uefs lvl 3 power generator by 5%
- increased HP of uefs power generator by 10%

Version 0.61 (beta):

- fixed bug of anti air turrets

Version 0.6 (beta):

- added death damage of 1400 in a radius of 2 to all lvl 2 artilleries 
- added death damage of 5500 in a radius of 5/6 to monkeylord/fatboy
- changed some explosions (longer/bigger flash, more debris, ...)
- rechanged damage of monkeylords beam to 1/2 of the original damage
- increased death damage of soulripper to 3000 (from 1000)
- increased death radius of soulripper to 5 (from 1)
- increased damage of sould rippers heavy electron bolter to 80 (from 50)
- added inaccuracy to nearly all direct weapons (very small change for most weapons, gunships, siege bots and ships are more inaccurate)
- added death damage to point defences
- added death damage of 350 in a radius of 2 to all lvl 3 siege bots
- reduced speed of lvl 1 land scouts by 20% but also increased vision radius to 30 (from 24)
- reduced costs and buildtime of cybrans lvl 3 air superior fighter by 33%
- increased costs and buildtimes of hydrocarbon powerplants by 100%
- increased energy output of hydrocarbon powerplants to 200 (from 100)
- increased HP of Hydrocarbon powerplants to 4880 (from 2880)
- added death damage of 400 in a radius of 4 to Hydrocarbon powerplants
Version 0.5 (beta):

- reduced speed of all lvl 3 siege bots by ~35%
- decreased animation speed of lvl 3 siege bots
- increased costs and buildtimes of aeon and uef siege bot by 10%
- increased size of aeon lvl 3 siegebot (harbinger) by 40%
- decreased damage of all experimental beam weapons by 66%
- increased HP of czar to 20000 (5000)
- increased costs and buildtime of czar by x3
- decreased speed of czar to 2 (from 3)
- multiplied "time until refuel" for czar by 100
- reduced acceleration of all ships by 80%
- reduced speed of all ships by 20%
- maxbrake of all ships is now the same as acceleration (they can not brake instantly anymore)
- increased turn radius by 100% of all ships
- reduced turn rate by 50% of all ships
- increased HP of aeon and cybran carriers by 50%
- increased costs and buildtimes of cybran and aeon carriers by 25%
- increased HP of all lvl 2 transports by 50%
- uef lvl 2 transport costs now a bit more and has a bit more HP than aeons or cybrans 
- decreased speed of lvl 3 gunships to 12 (from 15)
- increased HP of all lvl 2 tanks by 50% (aeon +600 instead of shields)
- increased size of all lvl 2 tanks by 10%
- increased costs and buildtimes of all lvl 2 tanks by 30%
- reduced speed of all lvl 2 tanks by 20%
- increased projectile speed of aeon and uef tanks
- reduced damage of aeon lvl 2 artillery by 50% (still more damage per sec than the other races)
- reduced rateoffire of uef artillery to 1.4 (from 2)
- reduced damagearea of uef artillery to 2.5 (from 3)
- reduced damagearea of cybran artillery to 3 (from 4)

======================== 5. Known Bugs =========================
- the uef command unit cant shoot over friendly units. I have no plan why, because i never changed the command units.

========================== 6. Credits ==========================

- this mod is made by "Optimus Prime"

- thanks go to "Goom" for his vetreancy mod
- thanks go to "wankey" for his mod icon and his feedback
- thanks go to all other testers and their feedback

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