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4th Dimension

4th_dimension_1.9_fa.zip —


well finaly 4th Dimension is out for FA *cheers*

ok well as far as the changes from 1.9 original and now the new FA edition their are almost none *crys* so because their are no changes. I will make this short

Here is a vid




Here it comes, the first official FA release.
While its called 1.9, this is indeed the first version for FA that comes to you. It is an evolution of the SC version 1.81 and has a lot of new stuff included.

Some features i am very proud of (beside our new units), are:

[] pop up turrets that unpack if enemies are in sight and repack if enemies are outside their range (or they cant shoot them). This is what GPG told us, the aeons would have and never included it.
[] more realistic gameplay including slower vehicle speeds for big units and faster projectile speeds for most weapons.
[] i just fixed a very bad bug which lets land units in FA get stuck and not movable at all.
[] explosions with flying metal parts, fire plumes and a lot more (no comparison to the other versions before and even these were much better than in FA).
[]a lot more you have to find out in game or on the website: http://4th-dimension.rockt.es/


dont chose Seraphim. They start with an Aeon ACU because we havent balanced them yet. Also dont let the AI pick them (dont use random), else the Ai wont build anything.
all these effects and new grafical changes come to the cost of performance. So you will have slightly less frames per second (net speed will be the same). In my tests i had about 500 points less with activated mod in the perftest with a E6300 @3ghz 8800gts640 and 4gb ram.

Again, this is the first release, so even if we worked hard to eleiminate all bugs we found, there is no guarantee for a 100% safe version. One time, i had a bug that i didnt saw any icons on the map and main view. But i had this in multiplayer and the other one wasnt having this bug. Also i never changed anything into this direction, so i think it was a FA bug and not a mod bug. But please let me know when you have such a bug and post informations about it, so i can fix it.
We had no time to test the mod in multiplayer a lot, so we need your feedback if something is imbalanced. But please dont suggest us to make all units double as fast, or to reduce the costs by 50% or something like this.
The goal of the mod is a realistic mod with as much fun as we can get. We try to go a way between realism and fun and we wont give one side up.

Ok, enough talk for now, download it and enjoy!

Here is an old trailer for 1.9 without the new explosion effects and for SC only, but you see at least some of the new units Smile

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