4th Dimension [FIXED]



NOTE: If you downloaded this mod before 8-18-08 you need to redownload the mod you have an incomplete version that will not work

well here is a bug fix patch for 4th dimension nothing has changed in the way of game play but they should have fixed most of the mods. if you want to read what I said about the mod last time you can read it here

well finaly 4th Dimension is out for FA *cheers*

ok well as far as the changes from 1.9 original and now the new FA edition their are almost none *crys* so because their are no changes. I will make this short

Here is a vid

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Changelog for "4th Dimension" - Forged Alliance
1.91:	- fixed GC animation speed
	- fixed UEF ACUs engineering suites build time
	- fixed a lot of icons for the new units
	- reduced Aeon T3 torpedo bombers HPs to 440
	- reduced build speeds of Rampage and Overlord to match the speeds of other experimentals
	- increased costs of UEF T3 point defence by about 20%
	- doubled damage of UEF satelite
	- removed LOGs from Vulcanizer
	- removed the old veterancy system - so now FA system is activated for all units
	- added missing range rings for some units
	- increased accuracy of most Rampages weapons, increased stun duration to 1.5(1) sec and reduced stun radius to 5 (7)
	- added scorch mark for cybran mobile missile launcher
	- Fatboy can now only build T1, T2, T3 engineers, Mobile Missile Launchers, SABs and Percivals
	- Annihilator and Beholder have now the selection priority of PDs
	- increased speeds of LABs, SABs, Harkon, Meson and Chimera by ~10%
	- increased acceleration of most land units by 10-50%
	- reduced rate of fire of SAM launchers by 10% (so 10% less dps) but added 2000 HP
	- damage reduction ability of Aeon popup defences was broken and is now removed (animations are still in). Will come back asap
	- reduced T1 stationary AA damage by 25% (Aeons even more) and decreased accuracy of T1 AA
	- decreased duration of burning trees and plants

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