Asteroids (a space map)

well a map (A What:eek: ) this is a very unique map the effect the author wanted to make was of being in space (hence the name:rolleyes: ) i...


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well a map (A What:eek: ) this is a very unique map the effect the author wanted to make was of being in space (hence the name:rolleyes: ) if you want to know how he did this you can go to the home page (look up^) now if you have problems with this map and it looks lame (like no stars or anything) that is because to get the full effect for this map you need to have the settings up to high (ouch:'() we enought of the talking look at the screen and play away (for us with crazy good pcs)

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Asteroids (20km x 20km, 8 Players) 

Once one of the most resouce-rich planets in the universe,
the massive battles fought to conquer it torn the planet
apart. But its shattered remnants still serve as a
battleground, until even the last remaining resources have
been harvested. 

1. Description

After one year of supcom abstinence i finally got into
the mood to make a new supcom map yesterday. since i
wanted to make something special, i took the challenge
to make a space map. I'm faking the space effekt by using
perfectly flat and waveless water, which is pitch black
and reflects the sun and the stars. I'm using Saya's
great "lava" script (thanks alot to Saya for creating and
sharing it) to destroy land units that are dropped into
space by a transporter. 

but faking space this way has also some minor downsides:
there are some small graphical glitches at the asteroid
border (like a little shadow in space and some minor
flickering) and you have to set the fidelity in video
settings to "high" to see the space background. 

BTW: Some of you may notice that the layout of the map
is based on "Seraphim Glaciers"... yes, i'm lazy. ;) 

2. Installation

Extract the "SCMP_haz11FA.v0001" folder and all contained
files from this archive to your "Supreme Commandermaps"

3. Deinstallation

Just delete the folder "SCMP_haz11FA.v0001" located in
your "Supreme Commandermaps" folder.

4. Changelog

Version 1.0:
- First release

5. Facts

Data Files:

Original game content modified:
- nothing

Hazard (


Releasedate (yyyy-mm-dd):

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