Atol Dunes

Atol Dunes 1.0 by CSGdesign

Here we have a 10x10km 2 player island war-fare map. The maps equally balanced with both players getting 4 ma...


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Atol Dunes 1.0 by CSGdesign

Here we have a 10x10km 2 player island war-fare map. The maps equally balanced with both players getting 4 mass points in their start zone aswell as a hydrocarbon point each not too far off. Theres also 5 further mass points equally spaced in the centre of the map, control of which could sway the battle in your control! Theres plenty of deep water around the outside of the map, allowing the possibility for a nice naval flanking manoveur.

This sort of maps been done before but you can still enjoy a simple skirmish, and using a combination of air / sea / amphibious and transports your battle can pan out any number of ways. A skybox and background image would have been nice, but overall i'd say this map is well worth a download.



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Download '' (1.89MB)

Map Name : Atol Dunes (rel: 1.0)

by CSGdesign


1. Description

Grab yer SCUBA gear and come on in - the water's warm and the sand is white!
Battle across the centre of an atol, or send your fleet marauding around the deep waters outside the atol,
shelling your opponent from the deep ocean beyond the reefs.

This map is based on the earlier released version "Atol", except with far fewer tree props.
It has all the same decals, mass points, environment and textures, just a lot less trees.
This is to help with players that have a system that prevents them from beind able to get a good frame rate
playing on the map "Atol".

Building a fleet early and defending the centre of the atol is critical to winning this map, using the bommies
and coral to your advantage by shielding your fleet and torpedo platforms from the enemy.
Amphibious units were never better suited to a map than this one!

10x10km 2 player map, with tons of props and decals.
When you warp in you'll start a bushfire that burns well into the game - so zap up those trees or they'll all
burn to the ground before you can ever harvest them!

4 mass per starting position, one sheltered hydro (until later in the game if you let your opponent flank you
with a fleet), plus scattered balanced mass to encourage growth and aggression.

This map opens up the possibility for a whole new set of strategies, and amphibious units will get a real work out!

CSGdesign's second released map - Atol.
This map has been tested fairly thoroughly, but please report any bugs you find.

If you have any feedback, bugs to report, suggestions or questions, please contact us at [email protected]

All comments welcome!

2. Installation

Download the attached file, then extract it into your Supreme Commander map folder.
(default = [Main HDD]\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Beta\Supreme Commander\maps
This will create a new file and extract the nessesary files to the right locations
and when you start up Supreme Commander next it will be available for selection.

3. Removal

To un-install the map, just delete the folder "Atol" from your Supreme Commander Map directory.

This map is created for the Supreme Commander gaming community by CSGdesign
Contact the creator by sending an email to [email protected]

Bug reports, suggestions, comments and feedback all very welcome.

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