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ok well here is a nice update for blackops (or hawks mod) it adds some new units fix's some bugs, extra balance,... yada yada bla bla you al...


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ok well here is a nice update for blackops (or hawks mod) it adds some new units fix's some bugs, extra balance,... yada yada bla bla you all know the drill read the read me for more info.

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Download 'blackopsunleashedv2.1.rar' (74.15MB)

First off here are the Installation instructions, be sure to follow them EXACTLY as they are typed, or the mod will not work.

1) First off Uninstal the BlackOps v1, to do this go find the file "unins000" located in your supcom FA root folder it will do the rest, if you’ve never played the previous version then don’t worry about it.
2) Next download the Blackops: Unleashed unitpack.rar
3) all you have to do is extract the rar to your SupComFA root folder, the files will be placed where they need to be, EX: extract it to your C:Program FilesTHQGas Powered GamesSupreme Commander - Forged Alliance
4) enable in the mod manager and enjoy

V2.1 Hotfix
Moved Air, Naval and Omni Balance into a separate mod( no i will not change the experimentals into their own mod)
also added the UEF shoulder gun fix(or at least it should be, if its not then i'll make sure for certain its in the next full release cause chances are the UEF uprgade is gonna get redone)

Here is a V2 changelist
Misc changes/Fixes:
-More custom unit icons
-Added Radar/Sonar Stealth and Cloak to all Naval Mines
-Removed Speed Buff from Bombers(was causing them to miss a lot)
-More Sorian AI support with more custom units
-Doubled Repair Rate on all t3 air stagings
-Made all t3 air stagings bigger so they fit correctly with other structures
(green box is bigger)
-fixed descriptions for light and advanced air stagings(t1 and t3)
-Fixed the Aeon t3 air staging so its centered correctly in the build box
-Both Novax and Hellfire sats can now be destroyed if they are hit by nukes
-Removed the Justifier and Justifier Drones

--Artemis gets it own type of Nuke Blast
--Artemis no longer gets regen until lvl 5
--Artemis can no longer outrun its nuke
--Artemis will now die after 3 Bolts are intercepted.
--Increase Aeon t3 PD Aria HP from 2200---->4400
--Cost changed to 1080 Mass and 18000 Energy
--Increase weapon radius from 50---->65
--Main Gun DPS increased to 315 from 180
--Side gun range Decrease to 35 from 45
--Side Gun DPS decreased to 204 from 340
--Mass Cost increase to 2400 from 2200(+200 mass)
New Unit
- Aeon T3 Tactical MIRV Silo
--Cost: 14100M and 23500E
--Max of 4 Missiles per Silo
-- Silo has 7500 HP

--Cost lowered by 20%
--Fixed Disappearing Missiles Bug
--Fixed the "im a torpedo lemme try to hit hover units" bug
--Fix for the messed up threads
--Better/Smooter transformation controls
-Novax Center:
--Both Novax and Hellfire sats can now be destroyed if they are hit by nukes
--Launches both Novax Laser Sat and Hellfire Missile Sat
--Cost Increase to 224775 mass and 5494500 energy from 37200 mass and 604500 energy
--buildtime increased to 99900 from 27900(from about 7 mins to about 27 mins)
--Game ender unit
--Fixed the shield regeneration bug, was currently uber regenerating the shields

--Increased AA ranges to 50 from 40 for all AA on the unit
--Fixed not engaging in AA battles
--Cargo invulnerable while in transport
--Able to hold up to 50 tier 3 units
--HP reduced from 5000--->4500
--Torpedo Redirection System fixed, now the unit no longer redirects every single torpedo thrown at it
--Fixed the Vision bug
--Basilisk Main Cannon sound lowered
--Footsteps now make a nice big stomp Very Happy
--Smoother Transformation controls
--Reduced the stun time effect from 2--->1
--New model
--New weapons
---Head Lasers
----Range increased to 25 from 20
---Tail Bolter
----Short stun-Techs 1-3
----Range is at 18 from 20

-Rift Gate:
--Cost of Rift gate units is now as follows:
---T1 units need 25 energy to maintain stability
---T2 units need 150 energy to maintain stability
---T3 units need 300 energy to maintain stability
---T4 unit needs 2300 energy to maintain stability
--Rift gate units are no longer assistable

Experimental Changes(all around)
Change how some of the experimentals are built list is as follows
-Built By Engineers:
--Seraphim: Lambda, Dreadnought, and Ahwassa
--Cybran: Monkeylord, Dreadnought
--UEF: Goliath, Atlantis
--Aeon: Czar, Paragon

-SCUs/ACUs only:
--Cybran: Megalith, Soul Ripper, Scathis, Basilisk, Gargantuan
--UEF: Mavor, Novax Center, Fatboy, Bismarck
--Aeon: Galactic Colossus, Tempest, Artemis
--Seraphim: Rift gate, Chiken-GC, X-nuke

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