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well here is an update for a nice unit pack, it is now more then a naval unit pack with land units and air units to new buildings. now I know that I am not fit to describe this mod so look at the readme and some of pictures.

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This is my first mod, so pardon any lack of originality. 
I aim to add original and useful units to each faction that fill in weaknesses and add strengths 
Last version for a while. 

To install, just extract the expcruiser file to inside your "mods" directory. 

Units inside ATM (More soon) 


Paladin: Naval Staging Ground (T2) 
The UEF NSG is a mobile base for pushing into enemy territory. It comes equipped with short-range radar and sonar as well as a small shield. It can repair damaged ships and build defenses to create a fallback base. 

Lucidity: Experimental Dreadnought 
The UEF Dreadnought is an air unit as opposed to other mods where it is a naval unit. The Lucidity is equipped with dual-racks of powerful AA missiles, but its main function is to bomb the hell out of bases using hundreds of bombs per second. 

Kreisau Siege Assault Bot (T3) 
The Kreisau fills in the gap between the Titan and the Percival. It is equipped with a continuous Hiro Beam which is also found on the battlecruiser as well as a short-range grenade launcher for dealing with small units. 

Sinclaire Class (T3) 
The Sinclaire Class launches several drones which protect and aid it intelligently. 
To defend itself, it is equipped with rapid-fire anti-air guns as well as a Hiro Beam and torpedoes. 

Phoenix Predator Drone (T2) 
The Phoenix is paired with a Sinclaire class carrier. It is extremely fast and equipped with powerful Hellfire Missiles for surgical strikes. It also has anti-air and naval capabilities 

Karst Light Mortar Boat (T1) 
The Karst adds some variety to T1 naval by allowing UEF to launch long-range attacks. It is equivalent to a mobile floating T2 PD. Note that it cannot attack units at max range AND high elevation. 


Veil Class Advanced Attack Frigate (T2) 
Equipped with a short range Quantum Auto-gun, a medium range Oblivion Cannon, and a depth charge, the Veil is bigger, faster, and stronger than other frigates. It is designed for ship-to-ship combat and lacks AA. 

Azalia Long-Range Fighter / Bomber (T3) 
The Azalia is equipped with two racks of Serpentine missiles, which allow it to stay a comfortable distance from battle. It is also equipped with torpedo clusters to take down underwater units. 

Sky Prism: Experimental Quantum Weapon 
The Sky Prism utilizes quantum lightning to strike foes from long distance, incinerating them. However, it requires a high energy cost to be fully effective. 


Mire Class Rocket Boat (T2) 
The Mire is designed to get in, destroy targets, and get out. It is small and fast, with a personal stealth field to close in on the target. The Mire is equipped with dual Iridium rocket packs which deal incredible damage, but fire very slowly. A group of these can destroy even the largest ships. 

Meredith Mobile EMP Flare Launcher (T3) 
The Meredith launches high-energy shells that cut through fog of war in a wide area as well as stunning all units caught in the blast. However, its range is limited to a narrow spectrum and it is extremely slow, meaning that it is ideal to carry it around in a vulnerable transport. 

Fugitive Submerged Turret (T2) 
The Fugitive is a submerged torpedo turret equipped with radar stealth. It is ideal for setting up blockades and surprise buttsecks as your oppponent's swarms of subs suddenly vanish. 

Fugitive Submerged Turret (T2) 
The Fugitive is a submerged torpedo turret equipped with radar stealth. It is ideal for setting up blockades and surprise buttsecks as your oppponent's swarms of subs suddenly vanish. 

Naiad Spotter Boat (t1) 
The Spotter Boat is designed to counter stealth and cloak with long range LoS, Radar, and Sonar. It is relatively expensive and fragile. 

Reason Experimental Missile Submarine 
Reason is a VERY large sub equipped with proton torpedoes (sue me, George Lucas) and an equally large missile rack. It has long range and stealth, and so can mount an assault from multiple directions. 


Vergra Experimental Cruiser (T4) 
The Vergra is a massive ship designed to provide support and bombardment capabilities to a fleet. Any plane that flies near it is immediately swatted down with a powerful rapid-fire Losaare auto-cannon and a Sinn Unthe Cannon modified from the Ythotha. It is also equipped with a tactical nuke launcher and a Phason beam, adapted from the Ythotha. 

Zthereise-ioz (T2) 
The Zthereise-ioz emits a fairly large regenerative field for a low cost. It is suited for quickly repairing a strike force between battles or while bombarding the enemy base. 

Ilvishias (T3) 
The Ilvishias launches several drones which protect and aid it intelligently. 
To defend itself, it is equipped with anti-air missiles as well as long-range cruise missiles and torpedoes. 

Usonotha (T3) 
The Usonotha is similar to the Azalia in that it can attack any unit effectively from long ranges. Its roles are AA support and surprise attacks. 

Isl-Ninnve (T2) 
The Isl-Ninnve is the Seraphim counterpart to the Phoenix. It is equipped with powerful autoguns and torpedoes, capable of attacking any unit. (except novax) 

I have also tweaked projectile effects to look better without costing too much performance. Torpedoes in particular look better. There are also some other small balance tweaks, but this is not a total conversion: FA is still very recognizable as what we know and love. 

Oh hell, why not... Pics for everyone! 

Aeon: (from left to right: 
Veil Adv. Atk. Frigate, 
Sky Prism Quantum Weapon, 
Azalia Long-Range Fighter/Bomber) 


UEF: (from left to right: 
Paladin Class Naval Staging Ground, 
Karst Light Mortar Boat, 
Phoenix Predator Drone, (looks like the real thing! Currently using Seraphim Carrier) 
Kreisau Siege Assault Bot, 
Lucidity Experimental Dreadnought / Carpet Bomber) 

Cybran: (from left to right: 
Meredith Mobile EMP / LoS Flare Launcher, 
Fugitive Submerged Stealth Turret, 
Mire Class Stealth Rocket Boat) 

Seraphim: (from left to right: Vergra Experimental Cruiser w/ Tac Nukes, 
Ztheris-Ioz Mobile Regen Field Generator, Ilvishias Drone Carrier, 
(currently no drones, using UEF drones) 
Usonothra Long-Range Fighter/Bomber) 


Me (_BLUE, Blueacolyte, Parado0m, etc) for modeling, scripting, and ideas 

Thanks to Orangeknight, and Darius for helping me to start modeling. 
Thanks to Brute51 for providing a working regen field 
Thanks to Manimal for pointing me to a working regen field he made. 
Thanks to Lt. Hawkeye for letting me look at the BlackOps units. 
Thanks to Exavier MacBeth, wherever he is, for teaching me to mod. 


1.0: Added Vergra Seraphim Cruiser (first release) 
1.2: More tweaking of cruiser, added Veil Class (not released) 
1.4: More tweaking of all units, added Mire Class (second release) 
1.5: Fixed several errors, began Zthereise Repair Boat (third release) 
1.7: Added build/selection icons, fixed Zthereise Repair Boat (currrent release) 
1.9 Ztheris-Ioiz becomes regen boat instead of repair boat. Added UEF Naval Staging Ground and build icons for it. Balanced Mercy 
2.1 Added build icons, added Azalia fighter 
2.2 WTF? The Veil folder just vanished, so I remade it. 
3.0 Big release, I just chose 3.0 as a random number 
4.0 Final release for a while, added Naiad and Reason, fixed many bugs, balancing 

Balance Changes: 
-Frigates AA DPS is now 13. 
-Mercy has 30 hp, faster, longer fuel time, can no longer land, a bit more damage 
-Restorer has costs nerfed so it is a bit less expensive than other T3 gunships 
-ASFs have 50% cost increase 
-T3 fixed artillery has 10% cost decrease 
-Titan is slightly cheaper, faster, and turns more quickly.

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