Build Template Rotator UI



so another cool mod by "Groom" (love his mods :rock: ) this one allows you to rotate your build templates as you play. imagine the following dilemma. you are playing online and you have your favorite template but it does not fit. you think to your-self if only I could rotate my template it would fit but now I have to re-make this whole thing from scratch. now imagine if you already have this very sweet mod. you are in the same position you say oh no:eek: this template won't fit, it's a good thing I downloaded grooms "Build Template Rotator UI" and its a UI so my enemies don't have it. this person presses the middle mouse button and goes along 0wn1n6. while the other guy takes an extra minuet to build their base in in the mean time gets 0wn3d.


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