Carpet Bombing

I welcome all comments and balance suggestions.

Installation instructions: - Download the .scd...


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I welcome all comments and balance suggestions.

Installation instructions: - Download the .scd file - Copy the file into "My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\SupremeCommander\Mods" - Activate the mod in the mod manager when creating a game. - This is a Sim-Side mod. All players must have this mod in order to play together. v0.90

- First release, after some self-testing and tweaking

- Certain Bombers will now continuously drop bombs straight down if they are moving over an enemy target.

- Units affected: T2 UEF Bomber (Janus) T1 Cybran Bomber (Zeus) T1 Aeon Bomber (Shimmer) (I've left the T1 UEF Bomber alone since they have the Janus.)

- The best way to use this is to get a bunch of bombers and use MOVE or Formation-MOVE to make them fly over some enemy targets

- Another interesting use is to ASSIST a point on the ground, or another unit. For extra fun, get 50 or so Shimmers and ASSIST a CZAR!

- Attackinging a target will cause the bombers to ignore everything else and only bomb the selected target. PATROL has similar behavior.

- Specific changes: --> Janus' bombs do double damage, but instead of dropping 8, it now drops 2. I had to drastically reduce the number of bombs dropped across the board as 100 or so bombers carpet bombing a base pretty much killed my FPS :) --> Shimmer has twice the rate of fire, since they only drop one bomb. They also have some homing ability. --> Zeus now drops 3 bombs instead of 6. Rate of fire increased by 1.5 times. Damage per bomb doubled, so that single-target damage I'snt reduced too much.

A Small Video for you to enjoy about the mod:

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