A map that uses tall barriers to change gameplay. The author admits it's pretty rough, but it might still be a fun concept to play with....


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A map that uses tall barriers to change gameplay. The author admits it's pretty rough, but it might still be a fun concept to play with.

In this wonderfully crude 2v2 map players are invited to hole up in one of two fortresses. But, since this is supreme commander, its not your average fort. The walls are a few hundred feet high. So high in fact that my bombers often skimmed the top, bounced off and did a barrel role (not kidding). The walls come complete with ramps big enough for any normal land unit.

The strategy behind this madness? The same as in a medievaI siege.

Fight for the middle ground, box your opponent in, scale the walls and rain down death. The hardpoints on the wall are big enough for tactical missile launchers, artillery and even an air factory. The main way to eliminate an opponent is likely to be a surprise landing on his walls.

To save people some frustration id like to say a few things so you know what your in for.

* Artillery bounces off your opponents walls * Point defenses built on walls will only target enemy units that are on the walls. * There is an entire forest from sentry point buried beneath the map that causes some strange stuff when building. I'm not happy about it either but it wont affect game play too much.

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Download '' (584KB)

To Install:

Extract to somewhere safe like your desktop. You should have a folder called "Plains_monkeh". Place the folder along with everything inside of it in your C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Beta\Supreme Commander\maps folder.

To Play: 

If you did it right the map will show up on your maps list like anything esle. It will be called "castle_f"


Yes, I am fully aware of the fact it looks like crap. I would have loved to have made an awsome heightmap in terragen or map a map of the entire world to scale but at this point that just isnt realistic. Even incredibly subtle variations in color on the heightmap seem to cause horribly uneven and and unbuildable terrain. That said, this should be a lot of fun and offer somthing fresh. 

Known Issues:
Because the format used by supreme commander for maps hasnt been fully hacked, new maps have to be built on top of existing ones. Beause of this, there is an entire forest below the map from sentry point. This will cause your commander to try to extract mass from bare ground. Not much i can do about this. It shouldnt disrupt your game too much and other units are fine.


If you find a problem with the map or have suggestions, contact me at 

Thanks for you interest!


Jan 2 07

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